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Added DHA, fish or fish oil? People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: supplement DHA, eat fish or fish oil? Bleeding and bleeding tendency is not suitable for fish oil or fish oil products for the human body, DHA indispensable. Add DHA, should eat fish or fish oil? Director of the people’s Liberation Army 117th hospital nutrition department you Xiang Mei, the name of DHA twenty-two carbon six acid. It is an important component of the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and retina. The level of DHA in vivo will directly affect the proliferation of brain cells, nerve conduction, synaptic growth and development. An essential DHA if pregnant women during pregnancy without DHA, will affect the growth of fetal brain cells and retinal development, may lead to slow reaction, produce retarded and amblyopia, blindness; fetal not normal metabolism of its central control system, may cause malformation, stillbirth, premature birth, abortion; will affect the normal development of the fetal brain and nervous system. If the infant lack of DHA in the growth stage, and will lead to infant retina slow or blocked, resulting in mental retardation, visual impairment; decline in children’s learning ability, have a greater chance of also suffering from diseases of the nervous system. Fish oil and fish oil products have the advantage of DHA supplement, there are two popular views, one is to eat fish or fish fat directly; the other is to eat fish oil products. Which way is better? You Xiang Mei pointed out that the high content of DHA fish tuna, sardines, tuna, yellow croaker, saury, eel, fish, flowers carp and so on, up to JDHA content per 100 grams of fish more than 1000 mg. However, some areas of fish will be mercury, lead and other heavy metals or arsenic and other harmful substances, low safety. Moreover, the content of EPA in fish oil (twenty carbon, acid,) is too high, so that the proportion of DHA is too low, and breast milk is relatively large, does not meet the physiological requirements. DHA products in the market there are two: one is extracted from the deep sea fish oil, and the other is extracted from algae. Compared with the extraction of fish oil, the advantages of algae. It is a relatively clean and safe source of DHA to extract from cultured marine microalgae, without the food chain. It is worth mentioning that, the DHA concentration of DHA algae oil is much higher than that of fish oil extract, high purity, strong stability, not easy to be oxidized, odorless, tasteless, especially suitable for the fetus, infants. American Institute of Medicine recommends that the daily intake of DHA per person is 4 years of age ~18 years of age of 90 mg ~160 mg, an adult of 160 mg per day, pregnant women, 200 mg per day. However, people with bleeding and bleeding tendencies are not suitable for fish oil or fish oil products. Eat more fish can be added to the sea especially Xiang Mei pointed out that the supplementary DHA indirect access and direct access to two ways. Indirect access: the human body essential fatty acids – a- linolenic acid can be converted into these two substances in the body, therefore, the intake of a- rich linolenic acid substances,相关的主题文章: