Advise people not to buy a house, like a crime yezimei

Now don’t persuade people to buy a house, as is a crime in the original title: now don’t advise you to buy a house, but I feel like I’m in the observation of crime | Glacier: Zhou Hao source: public number "glacier thought library" of real estate has become all about Chinese economy, as more and more of the city began to prepare to restart the purchase, as the economy of the "ants", in addition to the purchase to the trading center, there seems to be no other way. For the majority of people, rising real estate prices, not only constitute the only reason to buy a house, but also to allow any government regulation is very pale. For ordinary people, the real estate has become the only channel is not abandoned by society. It’s sad, but it’s real. A recent popular paper folding "Beijing" give us a description of a simple story like this: the world has three layers, at any moment, only one person can see the sun, the underlying people, see the sunshine time, it is the people are the rest of the time. The typical representatives of the people at the bottom are cleaners, although they can see the sun, but their working hours are the rest of the night. This seems to be a modern fable, the author also made such a description, if the lower level of people want to go to the next level, or need to go through a very strict procedures, or is "illegal". In such a social stratification, love, although full of hope, but also very cruel. "Beijing" folding trigger point is a boy in the second layer in the top of the fell in love with the girl, and then spend money to please a living in the bottom of the cleaners to help him to transfer a girl. And finally, the cleaner the grueling climb to the top, to see the girl, but found that she has an older lover. Everything is in silence. The society may be so cruel, of course, this story left at the end, when the cleaner returns bottom society of their own, his side there is still a cradle of the little girl, the little girl is an orphan, but the cleaners have gone through hardships, just to give the girl a better life. The story is very cruel, but also very warm, almost less than two hours to read such a simple story, this story has triggered a strong social resonance. One of my colleagues told me that after watching the Beijing fold, almost everyone can see their own shadow, but after watching this story, but also determined to buy a house. When a society is considering the question of stratification, we have to admit that it may have been the result of society. And when most people find that only through the realization of their own to buy a house, we may also have to admit that the real estate carrying things, far more than its own three bricks of two watts. I have no intention to discuss the existence of a bubble in the real estate market, which for most people, there is no sense, when everyone in the spread of "not getting greater risk" concept, to persuade people not to buy a house seems to be general crime. Although we may be heading for a huge bubble, but as Greenspan said, before the bubble burst, we do not know whether it is a bubble. So, we can only Hao相关的主题文章: