Air South Korean food BigBang have to eat, you do not know – Sohu to eat and drink hyuna

Air South Korean food Bigbang have to eat, you do not know? Sohu and if you are a senior chowhound Jianyang, so you must come to the store, but you may not know is…… this shop also had BigBang! And is in the south! Ning! (image from the network) this store Han material taste in the end is how good, only to become the designated meal Bigbang. Which store do you want to ask? Knead, is it! {? No proud of the environment, it is what? } this store is three Korean open together, most of the ingredients are shipped from South korea. The restaurant environment is not very fancy, relatively simple, is a traditional Korean restaurant decoration. The whole restaurant in the lounge are comfortable to sit in the chair cortex. Hot pot, rice, fried chicken, barbecue, rice cake is South Korea’s most distinctive food, and these Korean stars often whispering with delicacy to eat, in this shop are all able to eat, but also authentic yo ~ so ~ something too! Many! So I do not point to the end of the tangle. Sitting opposite tangled twenty minutes… The goddess finally unbearable to dinner..! Very affordable! Reconnaissance list package 4 reconnaissance list? $158? Stone pot bibimbap tuna $32 package 4 – is just a package to buy! The recommended index: very much food assumes the package, pick a few for good! (below is the package includes dishes, soup and vegetable dish is optional) with appetizer, are a South Korean flavor pickles, pickled cabbage and radish, hot enough, think about all that delicious! & plum meat; pork, Pumbaa and Timon like lean collocation. Pork, marbled fat, fatty bubble, looking slobber. When it first fried barbecue fried plum meat, can omit the pan and brush oil, not only easy to taste more delicious. A pad to a piece of green vegetables, crisp mushroom, pork sauce dip package on a cool! The plum meat is not so greasy pork, direct savory sauce to eat. (of course, you don’t need such a crazy with so much, I just accidentally slipped down…) barbecue smoked too afraid of smoke, you can put this chimney gently pull down the store ~ intimate details, always warm my heart. Tofu soup, white bean curd, looks white and tasteless. It seems that in addition to a few shrimp snails, nothing charming. Have a taste of this soup is delicious! And usually we cooked carp tofu soup flavor, it includes soup shrimp, snail fresh and tender bean curd, bean. Tofu entrance soft and tender, if the big mouth to eat meat after the lack of appetite and then a quick opening! Shan Mei yesterday introduced a new cold, that today we see more traditional noodles. Don’t worry about the weather is so cold, eat noodles whether bear. The temperature of the room is completely out of place相关的主题文章: