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Chinese is Chinas national language and spoken in all parts of the country. One can learn Chinese which is also known as mandarin by doing a course (Short-term course and long-term course) at the BICC of Beijing study centers in Sanlitun and Da tun Lu in Beijing, China. BICC is Beijings biggest private school for studying Chinese in Beijing. We at BICC features the unique language learning method used by combining traditional and modern approach through books and CDs, so lets start Learning Chinese language. Learn the worlds most spoken language Chinese by taking tutorials/lessons, reading books/ viewing CDs & photos of China’s history, knowing the culture of the country and many more! Chinese Lessons Start reading and writing Chinese by learning the Chinese alphabets, listening and reading some common Chinese words, and Chinese day to day sentences, etc… Over —- students from many countries aged 4 to 80 have learned Chinese online and offline from BICC study centers in Beijing. So, if you are planning to learn Mandarin takes your trial lesson now! Books/CDs Study about the user-friendly and interactive Chinese speaking language from BICC Beijing International Chinese School that introduces a new system of guidelines and design, which can be easily used in immediate conversation of Chinese spoken language for all our students. BICC has a vast collection of books, which our experts have selected for our students and are available to help them in mastering the Chinese language. We also provide Chinese language movies, music & other videos and CD’s to make your learning more fun and interactive. Historic Photo Gallery We have travelled throughout China and had ample collection of historic photos in our collections from all across the country. This helps in understanding the countrys culture and trend in much better way. About Chinese Language About Chinese lessons and Program Description: BICC discovers interesting information and facts about the Chinese language, its origin, its areas of use and the Chinese speaking culture in general. Online Learning Also learn online Chinese lessons vocabulary, characters, pinyin and English definitions from us. BICC lessons are prepared by experts in the language, each course begins with the basics and step-by-step promotes the student to an advance level of smooth and confident communication, including: Use of pinyin and Chinese characters. Step-by-step guide to language pronunciation and grammar. Sufficient practice exercises. Sufficient practice vocabulary and bilingual glossary. Clear, easy, and user-friendly layout. Exploration of the Chinese culture & history. And many more… BICC Language approach: When you learn Chinese with us, you can actually see and talk with our Chinese teachers live! Our classrooms lessons are conducted live using Video Instant Messengers such as Skype. Learn Chinese One-on-One with our Professional/expert faculties as per your level, pace and learning style. All of our faculties are well experienced and have received professional training in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Learn Chinese with Great Flexibility as we design lessons that fit to your own schedule and learn Chinese wherever it is most convenient for you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: