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Andouble met Trump for the first time to send senior golf clubs closer to Beijing in November 18 in the new network – Xinhua comprehensive Japanese media reports, local time on the afternoon of 17 March 5, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to the "Trumpt tower" in New York, held talks with President elect Trump. The talks lasted for more than an hour, Andouble said after the meeting, through the conversation, the two sides agreed to build a trust relationship." According to reports, Andouble told reporters after the talks, said: two people open minded, Frank conversation. This is a conversation that both sides are sure to build a relationship of trust." Andouble also said: there is no trust, the alliance will not play a role. I’m sure that Trump is a reliable leader." He said the two sides will meet again at the right time for two people, in a broader context, to achieve more in-depth exchanges reached a consensus". However, Andouble said that since the United States has not yet formally appointed president of the United States, therefore, today’s meeting is an informal meeting, the content can not be released on. It is also said that after Andouble learned that Trump likes to play golf, the emergency purchase of a set of Japan’s most senior golf clubs to give to Trump, hoping to build a close personal relationship". It is understood that Andouble and US President elect Trump held talks for the first time, in 17, the Japanese government take the plane from Tokyo Haneda airport. Prior to departure, Andouble at Haneda airport, said: Japan US alliance is the basis of Japan’s diplomatic and security policy. There is a relationship of trust, the alliance will not exist. I hope to build up trust relationship with President elect Trump." Japanese media pointed out that after Trump was elected president of the United States, held talks with foreign heads is the first time. On the other hand, Trump has said it will re-examine the relationship between the United States and the allies, including the U.S. – Japan relations, and advocated the increase in the amount of funding for the U.S. military stationed in Japan, etc..相关的主题文章: