Appointment of independent driving test 1 million 150 thousand people — car — roselip

Appointment of independent driving test   1 million 150 thousand people — car — not long ago, in Fujian Province, Fuzhou city traffic police detachment driving exam tube, start, change lanes, turn right, pull over…… 3 km 16 exam, Fujian University of Technology senior Mi Qiuhong go out! Because once the class always and examination time conflict, millet is the driving test anxious. Now, the independent about the exam, students can apply for independent according to the actual situation, time and date. By the end of 2015, Fujian province took the lead in the country to complete a comprehensive self driving test appointment. Up to now, there are 1 million 150 thousand people in Fujian successful self test. According to the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment tube examination department deputy chief Chi Yixian introduced, the examinee examination qualified, as long as the valid certificates to vehicle business window acceptance, can make an appointment on the Internet traffic safety service management platform, the operation is very simple. The reporters found that in addition to driving bookings, the platform and processing functions of traffic violations, motor vehicle inspection etc.. Up to now, Fujian Internet traffic safety integrated service platform has launched 123 major categories of services. The platform registered users of nearly 2 million people, about 37000000 people to send text messages, one-stop handling all kinds of traffic nearly 5 million pen. Previously, limited to the police resources, business places and many other factors, the masses need to wait in line, round trip." Fujian Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police deputy chief Cai Yide said, now, the Internet platform to realize "so fewer people to run errands, let the data run away". In August 18th this year, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau also officially launched the 12123 APP, and opened 5 major categories of more than 30 business. "In the past, the masses for related traffic, such as vehicle inspection, often need to check the car company name, and then map navigation. Now, the user name, all kinds of traffic networks directly query location, contact telephone number on the APP, and to provide navigation services, the more convenient." Fujian Provincial Traffic Police Corps, said Zhang Jixing, director of science and technology. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August (17 Edition): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: