Arvr virtual reality encounter difficulties your problem is not the content is not fatal

AR VR virtual reality dilemma: your problem is not really not deadly Sina game news   recently, foreign media UploadVR and Perkins Coie for the VR industry, the prospects for the future development of a survey on VR AR industry. The survey more than 650 samples, including the industry’s enterprises, technology industry, investors and VR AR consultants and other people. The final results were somewhat unexpected. For example, in the investigation of challenges on the current VR development of the AR industry, most practitioners do not believe that the current expensive equipment, the market still belongs to the minority is a problem, but for them, troubled VR AR industry is not high quality content, price limits the user experience to influence VR AR the equipment next year for further popularization." More accurate data show that 38% of respondents believe that the user experience is to prevent the current VR AR devices are more consumers to accept the reasons, only 32% of people think the problem is due to the price. 37% of people believe that the lack of content is the biggest problem facing the VR industry is currently, the people of the choice of the consumer hesitation, and 20% of the people chose the technical limitations of the 23%". Finally, when asked about the VR AR industry in the future, most of the respondents agreed that in the next two years, VR and intelligent mobile phone manufacturers will shift their focus to the mobile VR solutions ", and" AR market revenue will exceed the VR market." It seems that the traditional game industry content driven hardware is still widely recognized in the VR AR industry. (source: 3DM) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: