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The staff meeting Cook mentioned a few interesting things – Sohu technology after Apple announced first quarter earnings, the organization held a staff meeting. At the meeting, Apple executives answered questions from employees, and revealed some of the company’s future plans. Foreign media 9to5mac reported the main content of the meeting, although most of them are mentioned in the earnings conference call, but there are still some news more interesting: the first is that Cook made a reply on the recent rumors of "iPhone sales have reached the highest point of the problem at the meeting:" iPhone "there is still potential for growth in India and other major emerging markets in Chinese. In the future, iPhone will still be the biggest commercial profit point for apple. What’s more, Apple has the advantage of a great user experience, and surveys have shown that people are more willing to pay more for the better experience. So Apple doesn’t need to launch a cheaper iPhone, and it also attracts consumers to buy it." At this point, it may seem that Cook is reportedly about to launch "iPhone 5se". That is to say, the dream of the cheap version of iPhone, which was previously rumored, may be ruined. In addition to iPhone, Apple TV and TV OS these two products, although Cook also made a statement — "for the apple pointed out a path to a better future", but apparently he does not want to reveal too many details. TV OS is a streaming video solution for content providers, built by apple for Apple TV. Although Apple had previously tried to launch its own streaming service, it failed to negotiate with other content providers. And the latest rumors about "TV-related" seem to further suggest that apple is trying to emulate Netflix and Amazon to launch their own original content. In the meeting, Cook also expressed its own software department, service department and hardware department is expected to launch products are very looking forward to. This really makes sense, because many rumors now show that in the next few months, Apple will launch iPhone light hardware 5SE, iPad Air 3 and the new Apple Watch watch strap, and the new Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro may also be launched together. And according to past experience, in the second half of Apple will launch a much anticipated iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. In addition, Cook also jokingly said at the meeting: apple in 2016 will launch a "currently still in the prototype stage of hardware products, this may mean that apple is indeed Apple automotive R & D. But the hardware prototype stage there may be a VR AR device, because recently there are rumors that VR headsets are being developed and apple Rift similar Oculus..

员工大会上 库克提到了几点有趣的事情-搜狐科技      苹果在对外公布第一季度财报之后,组织举行了员工大会。会上苹果高管回答了员工的提问,并透露了一些公司未来的计划。外媒9to5mac报道了会上的主要内容,虽然其中大部分内容都在财报电话会议中提及过,但还是有一些比较有意思的新消息:   首先就是,库克在会上就近期传言的“iPhone销量已经达到了最高点”这一问题作出了答复:   “iPhone在印度和中国等主要新兴市场中仍然有增长潜力。在未来,iPhone仍将是苹果最大的商业盈利点。而且苹果的优势在于绝佳的用户体验,调查显示人们往往更愿意为更好的体验付出更多的金钱成本。所以苹果不需要推出相对价格更为低廉的iPhone,也能够吸引这些市场的消费者竞相购买。”      在这个节骨眼上,库克这一论调似乎指的正是据传即将要推出的“iPhone 5se”。也就是说,之前传言中声称的“廉价版”iPhone的美梦可能又要泡汤了。   除了iPhone,就Apple TV和tv os这两款产品,库克虽然也做出了表态――“它们为苹果指出了一条通往美好未来的道路”,但显然他并不想透露过多的细节。      tv os是苹果专为Apple TV打造的,用于为内容提供商提供的流媒体视频解决方案。虽然苹果此前曾想要尝试推出自己的流媒体服务,但是在与其他内容商的谈判过程中并不顺利。而最近关于“TV-related”的传言,则似乎进一步表明苹果正在尝试效仿Netflix和亚马逊推出自己的原创内容。      在会上,库克还表示自己对旗下的软件部门、服务部门和硬件部门即将要推出的产品十分期待。这确实在情理之中,因为现在的诸多传闻显示,在接下来的几个月中,光硬件苹果就要发布iPhone 5se、iPad Air 3以及新款Apple Watch表带等,而且全新的Retina MacBook和MacBook Pro也可能会一同推出。而且根据以往的经验来看,在下半年苹果还将推出备受期待的iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus。      此外,库克在会上还打趣地说:苹果在2016年之后还会推出一款“目前还在雏形阶段的硬件产品”,这或许意味着苹果的确正在研发苹果汽车。不过这个雏形阶段的硬件也有可能是一款VR AR设备,因为最近也有传言称苹果正在研发和Oculus Rift类似的VR头戴设备。      最后库克还提到了一个有趣的事情:苹果正在建设中的新总部Apple Campus 2有望在2016年年底竣工,员工有望在2017年1月底正式搬入新家。库克还透露,这一新总部的地下礼堂将能够用来召开发布会,也就是说以后他们就不用再大老远跑到旧金山或是海湾地区开了。相关的主题文章: