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Jingan District educated people start self-cultivation practice gamelink

"Educated" people’s practice of Jingan District action to start the Mid Autumn Festival in the book member share in Shanghai’s Traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival customs, let live up — the day before yesterday in Caojiadu Street staged a Book Club on the Mid Autumn Festival, Chinese traditional culture has become the focus of audience, the event also declared "Jingan educated" self-cultivation practice public action officially started. The activities of the Jingan District Civilization Office hosted, Shanghai Jiangdong Caojiadu Community College, reading association. The Mid Autumn Festival Club particularly lively, Shanghai writer Zhu Xizhen together with you to explore the mid autumn festival customs, fascinating. From Caojiadu community Reading Association citizens also offer calligraphy, poetry, guzheng talent show. The future, Jingan will put books, library and reading activities, to the enterprise, to the building, to the residential area, to the masses of the people around. Shanghai 2040 plan 15 minutes of life circle, the circle of life and cultural life circle. The implementation of the "knowledge book project", Jingan District is to build 15 minutes culture life circle is one of the important measures.


Yu Minhong so that children learn the secret of active – Sohu maternal xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Yu Minhong: let the children take the initiative to learn the secrets of the Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual your child for nothing, the problem must be in the family education. When a child grows up, it must be the root of parents. The success of the child or not, and parents are closely related to the child’s family education. We teach children to teach character and morality, whether the child’s character and moral education is the key to the success of a child’s life or not. As long as he is a respected figure, his life will be very smooth. Parents can think about it, you want to do is a popular person, or a person everywhere guard? Many parents are invisible to teach children to teach children to take advantage, appearing nervous in public, to teach children how to think way than others, trampled upon by others, the final result is that the children don’t know how to to survive in this world. What do you give your child, what kind of person is the future. My daughter is in the middle of her studies, but I never take it as a standard for my daughter to work hard. My wife and I are contrary to our educational philosophy. My wife is the daughter is not in the top 5 will get angry, and I just on the contrary, my daughter is fifteenth and I am very happy, I always said to her daughter: "you see in your class 40 classmates, you 15, and there are 25 individuals, you more powerful!" a lifetime from the child’s perspective, your child score is good or bad, or into the north into the ordinary university, there is no essential difference. The child can really pull a lifetime, and he is a man of character. Character set up from the example of the strength of parents as an example of the child can not escape. We ask the child’s things do not work, because parents do not do. For example, parents while playing mahjong, while scold a child to learn, children certainly do not want to learn. When the father said: "Lao Tzu nothing, you want to Lao Tzu worthless?" the child will think, you said nothing, that playing mahjong I think you are very happy, you don’t go to college but also very happy, why should I go to college? Parents are the best example. But I have a lot of problems in setting an example, my job is to use the computer, but I turn on the computer, my daughter would think I was doing something else. Although I told my daughter I was at work, my daughter didn’t believe it. No way, then as long as my daughter to learn, I will take a book next to my daughter to see, so that there is a sense of the rules in the inside, the example plays a very important role. My parents played a very important role to me. My parents are not literate, but the advantages of my parents around, become my life criteria. First, be brave. Parents in the city so that the child is the most important thing in the family education. A lot of people will say that our children are not even busy learning lessons, how hard and brave ah, I helped him finish the housework相关的主题文章:

90 girls trapped in MLM organization Sichuan police rescue in Mianyang – China Network

90 girls in the sales organization in Sichuan Mianyang police 10000 – rescue Beijing new network in Mianyang in November 2, (Yang Yong Jiang Xulin) reporter 2 from Sichuan Mianyang police that, in the New District of Fucheng City Public Security Bureau police station with the help of soap, because in Yinchuan city are up to 20 of Yu Tian’s 19 dens pin old girl Chen rescued home.. In October 16th, Chen’s parents and teachers to the city of Mianyang Fucheng District Public Security Bureau police station said the new soap: little Chen Yu has yet to return in September 30th to leave school. In recent years with the country and more female students were abducted, killed, detained and other serious incidents, new soap police immediately organized elite police started in-depth investigation. The survey interviewed for several days, Chen before missing mobile phone number in Yinchuan city and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region frequent contact, and the mobile phone signal from the Xingqing District of Yinchuan city issued. The Chen’s parents said its going to Shanghai workers did not match the information. After verification, October 21st, new soap police and Chen’s parents, teachers to set foot on the train to Yinchuan. In cooperation with the local public security organs, the police through the uninterrupted two day investigation, learned in October 1st when the underground train after Chen with two men in the city of Yinchuan, near the train station in the hotel, and one of the men had been involved in the marketing of Yinchuan City Public Security Bureau to combat. October 22nd to 25, the police and Chen’s parents and teachers in a row has removed Yinchuan city together with the local public security organs high streets and back lanes, and continuous end off more than 10 MLM dens. The police also according to the law of life in MLM every day, every morning 7 points to 9 points were Mopai visits in Yinchuan city to find Chen Lijing Hubei gate, Zhongshan Park, Baita Lake Park area. But did not find traces of chen. The police and Chen parents to discuss, let the parents and teachers in the city of Yinchuan, Chen had may appear in every corner of the posted missing person, and suspected cheating Chen’s mobile phone number to send text messages, phone calls, inform the public security organs have been around to track their whereabouts. Then, the new soap police again in cooperation with the local public security organs, and destroyed 4 dens mlm. At 16 pm the same day, the police at the train station in Yinchuan city found chen. According to Chen, in August this year, she was surnamed Xu met on the Internet, and talked about friends with him. "". At the end of September, Xu Chen went to Yinchuan city to "play", which know the train is Xu and peer control, forced the so-called "financial concept of learning". They also use violence and intimidation to prevent them from going out to control their personal freedom. At present, the relevant personnel have been surveyed in Yinchuan City, Chen was brought back to the police in Mianyang new soap psychological intervention, counseling. (end)相关的主题文章:

Sanya to carry out pilot work to promote the freedom of the pilot tourists self guided tour c

Sanya tour guide to carry out to promote the freedom to practice   pilot work; independent tourists about "guide" – Travel Channel original title: Sanya to carry out the pilot work to promote the freedom to practice guide tourists about independent "guide" in August 10th to explain the scenic tour guide, seize the summer tail, Ms. Xing from Zhejiang Hangzhou, a family of 5 to travel to Sanya. Ms. Xing before the trip has been arranged tickets, hotels, car rental, scenic spots and other tourism elements. Four days three nights Sanya tour, family fun, Ms. Xing in satisfaction also regret: what things are by themselves to make arrangements, while reassuring but also very tired heart. If you have a tour guide to do some lively introduction, the feeling of participation will be better, this trip will be more perfect. In May this year, the National Tourism Administration in Sanya, including more than the country to start the online and offline guide free pilot work. In August, Sanya through the "Sanya city tour to promote the freedom to practice the implementation of the pilot scheme", Sanya said, will establish a public service platform and appointment supervision tour guide service platform, to meet the personalized needs of tourists, and to broaden the channels of tour industry, promote the realization of tour guides and tourists two-way choice. Travel Agency: labor cost reduction, preferential free practice pilot work for customer service in Sanya to carry out online and offline guide, means that the future visitors can directly through the network platform, scenic area (spot) booking guide service, no longer need to travel this ring, breaking the traditional mode of travel agency "to provide accreditation guide service". "Season group tour guide is not enough, the off-season small group could not afford the tour guide, it is many years’ troubled travel agency’s ills.". Guide free practice, reduce labor costs, operating pressure becomes smaller, but also according to the needs of tourists, the ability to choose a strong, good service guide for tourists to provide services, travel agencies can enhance the image and reputation." Sanya Ctrip international travel service, general manager Zhang Yang said. Good policy can effectively landing is the key. Zhang Yang said, how to make the appointment of tour guide service platform, monitoring platform, and let the tourists arrived in Sanya before they understood the concerns of the relevant platform, Sanya need to be solved in guide free practice problems in the process of pilot work. Tour guide: licensed channels more widely, high-quality service to win free tour guide pilot practice, promote system reform, the purpose is to make more guides can unfettered freedom, to a new stage, and tourists dance happy journey. Accordingly, in this stage, the ability of the tour guide, the service is good or bad, through the evaluation of tourists and the market will be able to test at a glance. As a famous tourist destination in Sanya and abroad, the tourist demand of tourists is becoming more and more diversified. The free practice of tour guides can be more flexible and more professional to provide services for tourists, broaden the channels for the practice of tour guides, increase employment opportunities. Especially in the background of global tourism, the tour guide’s work is not just a simple explanation of a scenic area or the city name card." National senior tour guide Li Yongquan said, in this context, as a guide must constantly improve themselves, and strive to improve their level of interpretation and quality of service相关的主题文章:

Beautiful screen play free Ark survival evolution is the third generation of online games t6570

Beautiful screen play free "Ark survival evolution" is the third generation of online games? Novice card booking | Ark: survival evolution area recently, "the ark:" this is a dinosaur evolutionary theme of sandbox survival game to ranking on Steam sales not frequently appear in people’s view, even the media called a real third generation and the third generation of online games, online games should have what kind of character? Is the exquisite picture incomparable? Super high degree of freedom or play? Or is the brain hole open experience innovation? These are left to the players themselves to judge it. Today Xiaobian to share with you a wave of screenshots, because recently the ark developers held a different screenshot contest in the official forum, let us take a look at it. First of all, the town building must be as representative of Tyrannosaurus and dragon, it looks like the battle about who is the overlord of dignity. Rex and dragon dignity battle desert landscape — the desert experience at the wave? The strongest Dragon Team — a war in the end Rainbow Night? Jun: it is white (next eldest brother dragon brother Lei seeking to let go, I really good hard, I will shoot, not just playing with you! (me Excuse? A dragon is not easy to be careful behind! A close call — is what experience? Dark dungeon – the experience of the dark before you know how to embrace the sun and the sun to share the end of the ice field, if you look forward to the next wave of exquisite screenshots, please let us know! Small in the last offer two new pieces of information play video for your reference, enough buddies may wish to look at!相关的主题文章:

Appointment of independent driving test 1 million 150 thousand people — car — roselip

Appointment of independent driving test   1 million 150 thousand people — car — not long ago, in Fujian Province, Fuzhou city traffic police detachment driving exam tube, start, change lanes, turn right, pull over…… 3 km 16 exam, Fujian University of Technology senior Mi Qiuhong go out! Because once the class always and examination time conflict, millet is the driving test anxious. Now, the independent about the exam, students can apply for independent according to the actual situation, time and date. By the end of 2015, Fujian province took the lead in the country to complete a comprehensive self driving test appointment. Up to now, there are 1 million 150 thousand people in Fujian successful self test. According to the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment tube examination department deputy chief Chi Yixian introduced, the examinee examination qualified, as long as the valid certificates to vehicle business window acceptance, can make an appointment on the Internet traffic safety service management platform, the operation is very simple. The reporters found that in addition to driving bookings, the platform and processing functions of traffic violations, motor vehicle inspection etc.. Up to now, Fujian Internet traffic safety integrated service platform has launched 123 major categories of services. The platform registered users of nearly 2 million people, about 37000000 people to send text messages, one-stop handling all kinds of traffic nearly 5 million pen. Previously, limited to the police resources, business places and many other factors, the masses need to wait in line, round trip." Fujian Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police deputy chief Cai Yide said, now, the Internet platform to realize "so fewer people to run errands, let the data run away". In August 18th this year, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau also officially launched the 12123 APP, and opened 5 major categories of more than 30 business. "In the past, the masses for related traffic, such as vehicle inspection, often need to check the car company name, and then map navigation. Now, the user name, all kinds of traffic networks directly query location, contact telephone number on the APP, and to provide navigation services, the more convenient." Fujian Provincial Traffic Police Corps, said Zhang Jixing, director of science and technology. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August (17 Edition): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

Ma Sichun is also wearing trousers, long legs than Dongyu Zhou 20cm! (video) zznba

Ma Sichun is also wearing trousers, long legs than Dongyu Zhou 20cm! The article reprinted from the media public number: Fashion hot mom fan (ID:lma778) this summer movie Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou play with it, two small artistes together will certainly have a contrast! You know neither of them was more than and 20 years old, but their clothing but super high, but the two men wear trousers, leg length difference is too much! The same is baggy pants and blue sweater collocation by Dongyu Zhou hide short grey wide leg pants nine, really does not look good, look very short legs, the same Ma Sichun also wore nine points wide leg, she can wear long legs too much! Is the most frequently wear jeans, Dongyu Zhou wearing a gray T-shirt collocation ripped jeans, law-abiding, but Ma Sichun is wearing a white T a strap jeans, very fashionable by age and significant long legs. Black pants method has many kinds, Ma Sichun wore a black one-piece pants, particularly legs wearing long black, Dongyu Zhou wore this black pants collocation white T-shirt, relatively short legs, a large portion of Ma Sichun! Dongyu Zhou was wearing a white T-shirt and black vest on the black pants, very short legs, Ma Sichun is very careful machine, wearing black trousers straps a T-shirt, very fashionable is very long legs! Dongyu Zhou street shot in a white blouse and a pair of baggy jeans, stylish but without a long skirt! About Yang Zi white abnormal may be hidden in the clothing on your clothes相关的主题文章:

The volcano lake group play golden jellyfish mother slobber

The Mother Lake volcano slobber group play golden jellyfish heard as early as a national state of Palau attraction called "Jellyfish Lake", because there lived tens of thousands of "golden jellyfish" and its name, surrounded by small islands around, form a very unique "inland salt lake, the lake was originally a submarine volcano," the lake "connected by stone and coral crevices and sea, so the water flow brings jellyfish survival nutrients, also cut off the enemy’s invasion, here became the land of idyllic beauty jellyfish. Visitors must crawl a bumpy "mountain" to close, because the jellyfish neurotoxins have been degraded, so visitors jumped into the lake and enjoy playing near the jellyfish. The tour guide said the lake is in the U.S. military during World War II the Japanese warship aerial reconnaissance accidentally discovered, then there is often hidden in the Japanese warships, the U.S. Air Force aerial reconnaissance accidentally found a inland lake gleaming in the islands, that is the treasure at the Japanese, and later sent special forces to infiltrate, that makes this mysterious "Jellyfish Lake" exposed to the eyes of the world. Brief introduction: the Republic of Palau (The Republic of Palau), said the Taiwan Republic of Palau, located in the Western Pacific, Oceania, is one of the Pacific Gateway into Southeast Asia, consisting of more than and 200 volcano island and Coral Island, is so far one of the few countries with China diplomatic relations, for the protection of the marine resources, the China is not allowed to trawl fishing form, so fishing Co., the country’s major tourism industry began in 2013, open for tourism, China visa: the entry visa free line does not support at present, people must be with the group to enter the Palau tourism, travel agents can undertake Palau number much, @ Meiya travel network is one of the official micro-blog. Free entry and departure tax of $50. Currency: usd. Credit card: currently does not support UnionPay, the use of dual currency card according to different banks, the need to pay the exchange rate conversion fee 1%~2% . Lease (personally feel cheap) underwater camera: $35, leaving you to burn into the video. Snorkeling goggles: free. For snorkeling goggles myopia: $8. Pull on the flippers: $6. Medusa: $10. Tour guide tip: $7. Sunscreen: sunscreen must be done, even cloudy, where the UV is still our usual encounter 3-4 times, very easy to sunburn. Dining: there are a lot of Chinese living on the island, Taiwanese, so both Chinese and Western food. Welcome to subscribe to the public, I ____________________________________________________ WeChat: QQ759202160 series of Palau related articles:     "   " Palau bat soup;;     &nbs;相关的主题文章:

Chi line world without end cx-4 fam go your own way widcomm

Chi line world without end CX-4 fam go its own way from the beginning of August 29th, continuing to explore the Mazda CX-4 fam trip in October 24th come to an end, along the way, CX-4 company owners enjoy the magnificent China beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. Qinghai tea card Saline Lake and Guangxi Chongzuo forest, Guangxi Leye sinkhole unique landscape landscape, has become a beautiful trip to explore the experience, leave a deep impression for the owners. At the same time, insist on the test of self nature will give you more courage to challenge it, and you just need to do not forget the beginning of the heart, adhere to self. Annual 5-10 month is the most beautiful time in Qinghai, walking in this vast land, a sacred and stirring feelings will arise spontaneously in your heart. We know that the interpersonal environment will change a person’s mood, so take advantage of it now, to face the deep longing in the heart, it allows you to better understand the beauty of life. Located in the Qinghai tea card is embedded in the land of Saline Lake as the mirror of the sky, reflecting the quiet of the sky, now only a perfect blend of simplicity and blue and white. CX-4 as the figure shows the cheetah vigorous powerful vitality and dynamism, and tea card Saline Lake tranquility in stark contrast to the beauty of the eyes, can stimulate the passion of sport. There are many exquisite beauty of the world, yet simple but can often create more classic beauty, CX-4 to adhere to the flexible design style of self, making the design and positioning of their products is no longer confined to normal, similar to the design of a good mix of both SUV should have a sense of power and dynamic coupe. In addition to the tea card of Saline Lake, has a vibrant green in the depths of Gobi, in bibowanqing, the gold in the sea, you can feel through the reeds free with gold, the sea is another kind of beauty, rugged beauty, beauty is chic. And Ulam’s wilderness is more the charm of the ride, might as well put aside the troubles of the past, to a real and the speed of the contest! In the vast prairie, clouds as a rival, only continue to go beyond, to make oneself more outstanding. In the night watchman All sounds are still. bright galaxy! Every star is so small, but all with their own light, which is not often seen in the city of beauty. Also in the players along the way, broke through the heavy development, adhere to the original departure wish, to enjoy the magnificent scenery. The essence of nature is created by heart, attention and deep in its aubstadt, huge mind can cover and contain everything. Guangxi is located in the Chongzuo forest is such a secret place, it is located in the southwest of Chongzuo city in Guangxi China, water rich, lush vegetation, Karst mountain forest ecosystem provides a good environment for the survival of the white headed leaf monkey, and the white headed leaf monkey and the natural harmony, also inspires our hearts. The most comfortable journey, must be full of love and care, CX-4 as the perfect partner to explore the nature, is the use of ergonomics, driver state through multi angle analysis, the key position and strength of the optimized combination, to achieve a more natural and more convenient operation experience. When the car is no longer just a means of transport, but a support!相关的主题文章:

When I grow up, I’ll take you on a tour

After growing up, I take you to travel – we always dreamed of traveling Sohu, some experience and scenes, until one day in the reality of deja vu. For me, often dreamed of, with one family travel, is happy laughter. The sea breeze blowing, broad in dense with tenderness. Sometimes I think that life is like a fork in the road, said the butterfly effect is not clear, every choice in the future life. Childhood dream is to be a painter, painting a happy family, most of the painting is a family to travel together. From an early age, my parents like to take me to see the world; since childhood, dad likes to take pictures of me. After growing up, I never thought, just a few years ago I didn’t expect, now I’m actually pat stop, write, travel. Like, I love hiking through the mountains and rivers of the plateau, I love exploring the cultural and historical relics precipitation, I never thought, I love the way to travel will be more of this I had not bothered to even exclusive cruise. Remember when I was a child, always listen to Dad talking about those years counterattack against Vietnam in the past, mom always speaking to the battle of the The imprint is engraved on my heart.. Once I told myself that one day I will take my parents to go to Vietnam, not the flames of war in Vietnam, but a trip to vietnam. Just did not expect the opportunity to come so fast. More like in the small cloth I infant days, received a Royal Caribbean marine myth, invitation, and finally let me out of the other line offer, because this is the route to Vietnam, and I can bring my parents together. With this family, the sea breeze, is a small cloth fifth cruise. For a girl under the age of one, the experience is rich. My friend asked me, "why did I sit for so many times?" I think, if one day, they can accompany the family boarded the ship, on the side, watching their parents holding grandson or granddaughter, like a child’s laughter, everything is so worthy of the love, rejection will become. And there are oil paintings and auctions on the cruise, so that I was the heart of the pseudo art and restless. Beautiful paintings, abstract paintings. Well, I admit, I have been out of the painting circle for too long, and even forget to appreciate. It is a small cloth to everywhere cruise, climb this look, climb to the Chou Chou, never a dull moment. Of course, cruise, the most important performances, are located in the theater. The sea myth?! The performance of the theater is different every night, acrobatics, magic, Broadway Dance, brilliant. The first time with a small cloth Shanghai ocean myth, she will only climb all over the floor, worried that the light is not good for her. Dad, mom sat a few times to cruise, because small cloth and missed the show this time because the small cloth has begun pushing the car run everywhere, so in my strong request, with a small cloth, Dad, mom finally also enjoy the visual feast cruise theater. This time the flight performance, also more abundant than last time. Such an interaction is)相关的主题文章:

The 27 – year – old woman, who is going to be a nation that has traveled all over the world – Sohu 4000dy

The 27 year old female, will soon become history to people from all countries all over the world – Sohu if someone visited 50 countries, we will leave a deep impression on that person, if someone visited 100 countries, it can become a traveler. But in the United States, there is such a girl, she became the first woman to record their own country, and is the fastest travel time traveled in 196 countries around the world (as of 2009)…… This is really great. The only 27 women in the United States called Cassandra De Pecol, from Connecticut, from the beginning of July 2015 global travel, has been to 181 countries, that is to say the world only 15 countries have not been to her, and the 15 countries she plans to use 40 days to finish the exploration, she will break the Guinness record, becoming the fastest tour in all countries of the world people (including 11 additional areas). Her this magical journey known as Expedition 196, is her as a peace ambassador on behalf of the International Peace Research Institute of tourism (International Institute for Peace Through Tourism) of the global travel, we together with the Cassandra Instagram to look at these inspiring instant travel! Want to go to every country in the world? This is exactly what Cassandra De Pecol is doing every day, both in travel and work. Her travel plan is called "Expedition196". The plan began in July 2015, the first to the place called Palau, an island is located in the Western Pacific, independence in 1994 from the United States mandate, is one has the one and only non-toxic Jellyfish Lake country. Palau after Cassandra went to 181 countries. She wants to be the first woman to go to 196 countries with a record. Cassandra now plans to spend 40 days traveling through the remaining 15 countries. If she succeeds, she is about to break the world record of Guinness and become the fastest person to travel all over the world. She also traveled as a peace ambassador on behalf of the International Institute for tourism and peace. The global trip has cost nearly $200 thousand so far, but the fees are provided by sponsors. Cassandra travel costs in addition to sponsors, she will use Instagram as an advertising platform, in exchange for free accommodation. She is only 27 years old, but she has seen more and more countries than ever before. Lion cub. Skiing in the mountains of Colorado (Chile).     相关的主题文章:

I like myself – Sohu mother to baby antik

I like myself – Sohu baby friends have not thought about, in the end do you like yourself? This book’s protagonist, is a "true love" the happy pig younger sister, she is not very beautiful, also do not have what specific endowments, as the most common us kids, but she takes care of herself, even if no friends around, will also do some happy things. If you make a mistake or a setback, she will give her another chance to try. I have a best friend. This is a good friend! I’ll do something fun with me. I can draw beautiful pictures. I ride my bike very fast! I will read good books with myself! I like to take care of myself. I brush my teeth, take a shower, eat nutritious food. When I get up in the morning, I say to myself, "Hey, you look great!" I love his curly tail, also love his round belly, and his thin little feet. Every time I am in a bad mood, I will find a way to make myself happy, every time I fall, I will call myself up. Every time I do something wrong, I encourage myself to try it once and try again! Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will be myself, and I like it. This is a graphic and excellent children, through the beautiful screen to convey, is a universal and important early education thought — children from childhood to establish positive self concept. Self concept is the perception and understanding of oneself. Free public attention WeChat – his mother’s story house or micro signal baomadegushiwu (long press copy) every day treasure mother will talk of children’s picture book story Oh sound to the kids here.相关的主题文章:

A new pattern of Pu’er Tea drink tea, drink tea – Sohu deposit holle树先生�����

A new pattern of Pu’er Tea: drink tea, drink tea storage – Sohu map: South Beauty Tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" the tea market situation does not change, the first is Pu’er Tea central power plants cold, then white – tea tea market melee, the direction is unknown, the old tea Arena once again into a striking one snag after another dense fog. Held in Liuzhou tea tea in last week’s conference, the Liuzhou tea tea to share experience, how to look on the raw and cooked tea Pu’er tea trees, the dispute, some sharp point is worth tea friends reference. The eternal topic of raw and cooked for the first is the health of the Pu’er Tea tea market, should be "20% to eight mature, while the current market Pu’er Tea appears as" 70% students each year, leaving the mature tea warehouse, approximately six or seven of the annual output of tea, excessive hoarding is a big concern of Pu’er tea most of the tea market, that "Pu’er Tea continued" clearly put forward the "drink tea, tea, tea product of old" point of view should let more love Pu’er Tea from a friend. Map: South Beauty Tea Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" tea tea taste is not rich, but people drink more widely, the adjustment function is obvious. Suitable for the new contact tea consumers. Tea, warm stomach, Sheng Jin, Xiaoshi, zhayiting up the many advantages, with its smooth taste of market acceptance, it should be very high, but I do not know when to start, tea seems to be a lot of friends heart taboo words. In the high-end tea the most fanatical collection of a few years, the tea drinking value by some ancient pure pie or even trample down. In view of these so-called "professional tea drink, neither health nor drinking tea is not a quality performance. They are all good "pet phrase, do tea, tea is the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers made of Tableland Tea, is synonymous with low-quality tea". These biased point of view, from the traditional production process of tea family workshops. To tea tea tea as food rations is actually a lot of friends, but not for fear that the taste, is secretly drink". This is a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of Pu Erh itself. In the history of tea for more than forty years, from 1975 to 1984 the successful trial, mature technology, until now, is spinning in traditional logic, in recent years, some began to take the end of the road: a person with breadth of vision, change from coarse to fine process of the past process, but this is just the product to deal with market demand change the. Rational layout of the tea market structure, so that the proportion of raw and cooked tea market gradually rationalized, but also need to change the concept of tea friends, so as to promote the virtuous cycle of the development of Pu’er tea market. Map: Pu’er Tea South Beauty Tea Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" in recent years some of the downturn, we have different views. Liuzhou tea, for such a situation should be treated rationally, the key is to see how the meaning and understanding of the connotation of good tea, tea, tea now done if 80% was preserved, such behavior is not consistent with the principle of commercial circulation. If 80% of Pu erh tea consumption is consumed, so the price of tea market will be stable, in other words, more nets相关的主题文章: