Autumn baby skin care needs more careful windjview

Autumn baby skin more need careful care [Abstract] after the beginning of autumn, summer and autumn season began, because of changeable climate, the temperature difference between day and night, the air also increases gradually began to become dry, if improper care, baby tender skin is prone to problems, new mothers must be more careful, meticulous care to give the baby. Have clothes to take care not to air after the "secret" of the beginning of autumn, sooner or later some cold, many children of the elderly worry baby catch a cold, will give the baby more clothes, but the summer heat has not disappeared, just do not pay attention to his little Bao Baomei, now prone to autumn heat rash, eczema, is often the way to the. This season, the temperature difference, the morning and evening can give the baby to wear a little, but the high temperature at noon, it is necessary to give the baby clothes. Moreover, the clothes must be breathable. Prickly heat, eczema tend to occur in the baby’s thigh and small fart, so the baby’s personal clothing diapers must be selected to quickly lock the water, keep dry and breathable products. Because many mothers will be asked exactly what kind of diapers can make the most of your baby’s ass to keep dry, suggested that the mother can do a little experiment: several brands of diapers open water test, can be quickly absorbed, and the surface dry means urine in the baby’s skin on the shorter the time, baby fart is dry. Although preventive maintenance can reduce the baby from the proportion of autumn Fei, but if the baby autumn Fei do? In case of prickly heat, or should give priority to with clean itching. Stick with a special baby shower every day to the baby bath; about the baby’s hands, don’t let the baby scratch yourself; if the skin is scratched, the best time to go to the hospital, so as not to fester. General preventive effect of prickly heat powder, suitable for baby after bathing water is completely dry and then rub. Such as the prickly heat has been formed, it is best not to use, so as not to block the pores, aggravating illness. After a bath Mo soft times have been too lazy autumn care into early autumn, the climate began to gradually become dry, baby skin and mucous membranes, through the skin loss of water will be more, autumn dry symptoms than adults. If replenishment is not timely, the baby’s skin is very easy to appear. This season should pay special attention to add moisture to the baby. Give the baby body replenishment is the first. Breast fed children, the mother can increase the frequency of appropriate feeding, eating milk powder can be added to the baby a little more water. Secondly, the frequency of baby bath should be reduced compared to the summer. Because the summer sweat more, one day you can give your baby to wash 2-3 times, to the autumn, the baby is not sweating, you can wash once a day, every day for personal clothing. Because of frequent cleaning will protect the sebum wash off, in the climate is relatively dry when it is easy to cause the baby’s skin dry, and then appear redness, itching symptoms. However, baby in the toilet after best with warm water wash ass, with a towel dipped in dry carefully. In addition, due to the weather began to become dry, after a bath every day, you can give the baby with a number of special infant skin care products. And then give the baby to wear diapers soft, absorbent good. Xiaobian summary: because the baby’s skin is particularly delicate, more dry climate.相关的主题文章: