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Barcelona locker room seat exposure: MSN were separated by the Sohu who guess Messi – Barcelona sports locker room seat exposure: MSN separated by   recently, the Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" to the fans show the Barcelona locker room seat arrangement, it seems, for new players to adapt to the team as soon as possible, Barcelona very hard to arrange the position of the player. Paco Alcacer has completed his debut at Barcelona, so far, six new signings this summer, Barcelona introduced all in place, with the start of the new season, "daily sports newspaper" the exposure distribution of the Barcelona locker rooms lockers, six new signings each found their seats, although closely together on the field MSN the combination, but Messi, Suarez and Neymar are sitting together. A total of Barcelona this summer introduced six new signings, respectively, Digne, Denis, umm titi – Suarez, Andre – Gomes, Silayson and paco. As they join, some lockers Barcelona locker also has a new owner, 25 lockers, 22 is used, only the No. 2, No. 15 and No. 16 is empty, before the three position belongs to Douglas, and Samper baltra. In fact, the club has been helping new players adapt to the dressing room as quickly as possible. Because of this, Umm Titi and D two France international chose Mathieu to sit together, three people from the same country, the exchange will not have obstacles. What is the cabinet next to Alba, two people from Valencia, before they were very familiar with. Strangely enough, another player from Valencia Andre – Gomes did not choose next to Alba and Paco cabinets, but make their location close to the best players in the world Messi. Gomes may want to learn from Messi. Barcelona another new signing Denis Suarez chose the midfield maestro Rakiti beside the cabinet, the Croatia star is obviously small Suarez’s example, he will hope to gain more experience from the Croatia people. Holland goalkeeper Xilai Sen found to be able to speak English when the locker room gangster "neighbors" is one of the chiefs, Barcelona locker room leader Mascherano. While the other side is the same as Holland goalkeeper Barcelona players D. Messi, Suarez and Neymar are Barcelona front heart attack, three of them on the pitch are very close, but in the locker room, the three of them are completely separated, visible, Barcelona executives don’t want players engage in small groups, to help the team inside this arrangement together. Several other heavyweight players Iniesta, Busquets and Peake’s position is together, they are the Barcelona squad leader of the Spanish players, which also helps people and inspire teammates issue orders left and right three. And Suarez’s closet is close to them. There is a friend of Neymar, after the departure of Adriano, Neymar moved his position to the side. Spain, "daily sports news" that the dressing room is a very reasonable arrangement of the structure of the dressing room, the harmony of the dressing room for players on the field is also crucial相关的主题文章: