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"Beautiful" Weiyang Tang Yan relief policy was suspected stolen identity Sina entertainment news by Tang Yan [micro-blog], Luo Jin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xin, etc. [micro-blog] DEDECATES starring costume drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" is the Beijing TV, Oriental TV broadcast. Li Weiyang (Tang Yanshi) from the country to hide Li Fu, secretly plotting father vindication, show wisdom and tolerance atmosphere. "Cold forbear of the enemies of love Kuangfu people" is a true portrayal of Lee weiyang. Last night (November 15th) in the plot, floods, in the face of the displaced people "at a loss what to do, Lee Weiyang, put down the Chinese brush written relief policy. It is not yet perfect plan by Li Changle (Li Xin AI ornaments) steal and presented to the court by the emperor, so more praise, blindly pursue will lead to endless disaster. So, Lee Weiyang ignoring criticism argue, whether things change? Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin ornaments) and Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu) will this matter what action? Not only that, Li Weiyang himself also suffered identity crisis. Before the cool Princess portrait to Li Minfeng hand, Lee Weiyang night to steal but had been found. At a crucial moment when Li Weiyang spotted ink portrait, temporarily lifted the exposure of the identity crisis, but the portrait in the wrist cinnabar mole was left with a huge hidden danger. Fortunately, the bodyguard of Weiyang Li Jun Tao (Wang Yanzhi) appeared in the assassination of Li Minfeng, and finally with Lee Weiyang Joseph, Wu Yi [micro-blog] superior loyalty King peach, will be in the heavy murder in Weiyang Tim Lee a helping hand. More and more crisis brewing fermentation, Lee Weiyang "deus ex" in Xiyuan Road, more dangerous. TV drama "beautiful" by the Huace Hatton Weiyang’s Hatton media, film and television, HSBC, Leroy Entertainment Co produced, directed by director Li Huizhu [micro-blog]. This year, Beijing Oriental costume drama is the two prime time TV broadcast, in addition, also from November 18th 15:15 day, landing Anhui TV Love theater three free. Tonight, Li Weiyang will enter the palace of Saint, killing off the enemy at present, Lee Weiyang restrain myself hatred? What is actually attracted shouted "kill the Weidi"? More exciting, please look forward to. (commissioning editor: Lee command)相关的主题文章: