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Beijing bird’s nest Halloween, with blue sky to meet you – Sohu travel at 6 in the morning before the sky in Shenzhen is not bright, we rushed to the airport, Halloween flew over half of China to Beijing. The temperature is approaching 0 degrees from the summer of nearly 30 degrees. But just like that song: "I am in the north in the cold seasons such as spring". Because the bird’s nest in the South Square, we experienced the charm blue night concert cum Charm Blue 5 new conference. The warm atmosphere of the scene that came early enough to withstand the cold. The charm of blue night held in the South Square of Beijing’s bird’s nest, blue skies, blue sky charm, the weather can be invincible. Kai and A De with a mobile phone Meizu from the warm south in Beijing, with the blue sky to charm blue night. Gloria Tang, Sha Baoliang, Jike Juan Yi, SNH48 women’s day in the field of hot performance, coupled with a strong atmosphere and experience each Halloween, this is not just a conference, but also a visual feast of the carnival. The site also features a band Carnival area, so that the whole experience is very rich. The whole event is a Halloween Carnival, the faces of young people everywhere. The country charm friends at this Halloween have a joyous gathering. There are band performances, hip-hop and other entertainment projects. Since it is Halloween, of course, to play like a ghost horse. The charm of blue night scene tickets, there are a lot of people ask if there is extra tickets, this activity is really hard to get a vote. There are many other panda doll scene, the weather is so cold, see they feel warm, want to hold panda heating. Halloween is a lot of fun with pandas. The scene of the decoration, thick Halloween atmosphere. Kai and A De and many fans together for halloween. In fact, this is the third consecutive week we came to Beijing, the first two times in the haze, and today although that is the minimum temperature of 5 degrees below zero, but we meet is empty in the big blue sky, we called the "blue bar". We rushed to the nest South Square sheep commune, although it is close to the zero temperature field, from all over the country charm friends cannot wait outside the door up high. Interviewed a number of friends, from Hunan, Changsha, there are local Beijing. The venue has a lot of fun projects, including experience Meizu phone, headphones and other products. You and the panda doll pictures can also be free to print photos. Halloween atmosphere is also very strong layout. [Charm Blue Night Concert Charm Blue & 5 conference highlights] 4 in the afternoon to start on time, the atmosphere is very warm, All seats are occupied. The first stage is jikejuan escape, as a famous player first quarter The Voice of China, she brought us a very warm concert. The atmosphere was warm. A De is responsible for broadcast and interview, Kai for photography and camera. Then Li Nan introduced the Charm Blue 5 material and a variety of color, younger, accidental inspiration to make the five colors have a more personalized performance. The concert continued to go on相关的主题文章: