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Beijing close to the same period of extreme temperatures have opened 9 sets of peak boiler response – Beijing news (reporter Wang Shuo). Municipal Meteorological Observatory said that as at 21 on the 10, the northern region, urban areas and the southeastern region of the snow. After four level wind, the temperature dropped, the first winter cold blue warning sounded. Expected 21 -23 days, the lowest temperature drop in Beijing area reached 8 -10 C. This winter cold yesterday released the first warning, meteorological station identification, the snow with snow conditions, as in this winter’s first snowfall, and snow lasted for a long time, the phase transformation of complex. Monitoring data showed that 19 days of midnight, most parts of Beijing have appeared in some areas rainfall, rain and snow in the Northeast; to 20 noon, the West and north of the mountain of sleet or snow, the YanQing Railway Station around 16 sleet turn to snow, 22 -23 when most of the city monitoring station to rain snow, snow around midnight. 21 am, snow gradually end. Snow north, Beijing municipal meteorological station yesterday issued 6 cold blue warning signal, it is understood that this is Beijing’s first since the winter cold wave warning. Cold blue warning refers to the minimum temperature within 48 hours will be decreased above 8 degrees, the minimum temperature is less than or equal to 4 DEG C, land average wind up more than 5; or has dropped more than 8 DEG C, the minimum temperature is less than or equal to 4 DEG C, an average of more than 5 wind, and is likely to continue. Yesterday, the highest temperature below the freezing point according to the forecast, by the strong cold air, 21 -23 day minimum temperature in Beijing fell to 8 DEG -10 DEG, the lowest temperature of the plains will be reduced to -10 degrees Celsius, the mountain fell to -14 degrees celsius. 21, -22 day accompanied by about 4 northerly winds, gusts up to level 6, level 7. Yesterday during the day, the highest temperature is below the freezing point of Yanqing station, -0.4 C, to 17:10, Yanqing station temperature has been reduced to -2 DEG C, after nightfall to fall further, the bottom -8 C. In addition, according to the forecast, the lowest temperature in 23 on the morning of a significant decline in the plain area of up to -10 degrees Celsius, close to the extreme value of the same period in late November (-12.3 degrees Celsius in November 30, 1970). Li doubts why snow late? The city meteorological station said that this is mainly due to relatively strong warm air, cold air southward speed blocked, most areas of Beijing are not as fast as expected the temperature falls to zero, and the phase transition until 20 days before and after the middle of the night. As a result, rainfall is greater than expected, followed by a slight decline in snowfall. And 21 in the morning, the surface temperature is basically above zero degrees Celsius, sleet or snow landing that is, can not form a clear snow, so people see the snow, but also less than the actual snow. City Meteorological Observatory monitoring shows that as of 21, 10, the northern region, urban areas and the southeastern region of the snow. The biggest snowfall in Pinggu city of glass Taiwan 8.3 mm, 7.5 mm in Daxing Caiyu, Chaoyang Dougezhuang 7.2 mm. Whether to achieve.相关的主题文章: