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Bond "step on mine" has become the norm of the fund looking forward to accelerate the introduction of credit derivatives Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Wu Xiaojing, editor of the default risk increased as Hirofumi Yu Yong, "Damour Damocles sword hanging over the head of bond investors, the fund companies are also trying to defuse the risks. According to the relevant listed company announcements, because the field of private debt default, the underwriter has recently been CRE securities, Huaxia Fund and the League of Nations Fund has filed a lawsuit to claim compensation. Similar cases have been more than before. Since the beginning of 2016, the total amount of bonds issued by the entity involved in the total amount of breach of contract has more than 25 billion yuan, the fund company also repeatedly sued for investment related bonds. At the same time, the fund’s fixed income business has entered a period of accelerated adjustment". In addition to the conventional strengthening credit research, reducing the leverage of bonds and other means of investment, some fund companies have recently started to promote the transformation of its credit debt fund to avoid bond defaults in the hardest hit". On the other hand, some bond fund managers are also expected to accelerate the development of credit derivatives, slow release of the bond market is exposed to credit risk. The frequent lawsuits frequently use the bond market default crisis, which usually cautious fund products can not avoid the step on mine fate, there have been fund companies to join the legal rights of way. Around the recent field of private debt and litigation is one example. Data show that the field in 2013 and has two private debt issue "13 field 01", "13 field 02". Two private debt for two years, the total funds raised 50 million yuan, of which, the Huaxia Fund subscribed for 25 million yuan, the first phase of the League of nations; 1 – diopside – bond specific multi client asset management plan for the second period. But these two products expire, shengdawei were unable to repay the debt. The fund company believes that the underwriter in the underwriting shengdawei 2013 SME private bond issuance, arising from suspected major omissions, major dereliction of duty behavior, so as to bond investors require underwriters to bear the liability for compensation matters. Another reporter was informed that the League of nations – one pyroxene – bond specific multi client asset management plan for the League of nations fund company’s one channel products, the company’s own funds without taking too much responsibility. Deputy director of the Ministry of Finance said the company accounts, capital pyroxene as principal and investment adviser, a ticket is selected by the capital investment decision and pyroxene, the League of nations fund is only the channel side. However, from the perspective of the product contract and the law, the United Nations Security Fund is an asset manager is also a holder of the bond, so by the United States and an indictment. In fact, prior to this, the fund has been more than the product, "step on mine" event, part of the proceedings have also been part of. Many fund products earlier had hit the mine in Northeast of default debt, once triggered fund step on mine debt fallback. Earlier, because of the 15 landscape SCP00 theory相关的主题文章: