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Bottled watermark missing children on the head, how to teach children to turn around? Sohu maternal and child [news review] no matter who you are, please help our children go home, Qing Zhu Xie 100 thousand yuan." Recently, there are a lot of careful people found in Qingdao, part of Qingdao convenience store has a printed picture of the missing children mineral water bottle, printed picture and basic information of missing children. Manufacturers said they hope consumers to shop at the same time, improve the attention of missing children. In this regard, there is human love of enterprise charity praise, some people questioned the enterprise marketing opportunity. The convenience store selling "baby home" mineral water 11, Licang District of Qingdao city in a convenience store, a printed picture of missing children of mineral water, for the price of 5.5 yuan per bottle. "At the beginning of this year, we made contact with the country’s largest missing children’s website home, in July by the parents authorized to obtain information on missing children before landing on the mineral water bottle." The relevant person in charge of the mineral water manufacturers, baby home mineral water is officially listed in May this year. Inspired by Andy Lau’s "lost", we made this mineral water. We hope that through the rapid spread of mineral water, such as FMCG, to allow more consumers to shop at the same time, improve the attention of missing children, so that more than one child missing home hope." The person in charge, baby home, a total of 500 thousand bottles of mineral water production, mainly in the convenience store in Qingdao street, three hospitals convenience stores, Airport Station and other transportation systems and a small part of the super sales. Daocheng many people for the love of enterprise charity praise. "I think this is a very good thing, I will certainly support, I hope that through a little bit of their own pay for the missing children in exchange for a glimmer of hope and family reunion." Ms. Sun said the people, this is she seen the best mineral water packaging! She decided to buy it after the mineral water, at the same time, after drinking bottle will send pictures spread circle of friends. Very warm heart, baby home in a large number of mineral water market in Qingdao, there are friends that the pattern on the bottle will be a heavy mood, and after drinking can not bear to throw into the trash can. More people want to buy water, increase the hope of finding lost children, then the water is no longer cold. The first batch of 6 children, the follow-up will also increase in convenience stores, Qilu Evening News reporter found that these mineral water placed on the shelf is not humble location. 4 months ago, we set up a counter to display, the sale of this love mineral water, but the situation is not optimistic about the sale of a month. See more, buy less." Convenience store staff, the price is slightly expensive, less water. "This is a clear bead of alkalescent water, the price of 5.5 yuan -6 yuan a bottle, bottle stickers on the two-dimensional code scanning, will pop up baby home subnet window." The staff said. Qilu Evening News reporter found that this mineral water is half the size of the conventional bottled mineral water, the bottle affixed with a large number of different photos of missing children and related information. Under normal circumstances, a bottle of mineral water prices between 1.5-3 yuan, sell 5.5 yuan is not conducive to sales, but also not conducive to the transfer of love..相关的主题文章: