Brazil team 3 to 0 victory over the Argentina team in the two to third goals – in new dedication-ppbox

Brazil team 3 to 0 victory over the Argentina team in the two will jointly dedicate third ball – Beijing, Beijing time this morning, the World Cup qualifier to start the twelfth round of focus in a duel, direct dialogue with South America Brazil and Argentina team. The results of this powerful encounter but there was no clear result, 3 to 0, the Brazil team either score or in the processes of victory. After the campaign, the Brazil team with 24 points to lead the World Cup South American division, only 16 points of the Argentina team ranked sixth. In the two joint goals is the focus of World War II in Brazil Belo Horizonte Mineiro stadium, 1 than 7 defeat to Germany team to the stadium is the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It is concerned that the Brazil team sent two players in the starting lineup in the super players, namely, the national security team of Augusto and the constant brigade of the team of Paulino. Twenty-fifth minutes, Neymar left low pass, Coutinho 17 meters from goal volley straight up on the upper right corner, the Brazil team 1 to 0 lead. Before the end of the first half, Jesus sent Zhise, four Argentina defenders missed, Neymar broke into the restricted area tuishe easily. 0 behind the Argentina team is still no improvement in the second half of 2. Fifty-ninth minutes, Augusto in the vicinity of the bottom line is the difficulty of a shovel pass, Paolini goalkeeper before the volley, the ball hit the back of the body after flying into the top left corner. A ball in the two will jointly offer jose. Neymar Messi Brazil Argentina downturn color war, Barcelona teammate Neymar and Messi showdown is a natural aspect, the game stopped at two people from time to time. Warm up before the game, Messi had stared at the back of the figure of Neymar, however, doing the stretching of the Brazilian does not seem to pay attention to the attention of the Brazilian president of the United States, the United States did not seem to pay attention to the movement of the United States and the United states. When the two sides lined up to enter the channel players, Messi and Neymar warm embrace. The kick-off, Messi and Neymar hand clutching his mouth, constantly bow whispers, do not see the slightest taste some of the smoke of the South American "century feud" before the war. However, the process can be described as the end of the explosion Neymar big brother, Messi. Neymar not only assists Coutinho scored the world wave, then he hit the post, and before the end of the first half to help the team to expand the score advantage. Neymar nearly four World Cup in Brazil’s 9 goals (4 goals, 5 assists), but also to his 80 goals for the Brazil national team to participate in the performance goals (50 goals, 30 assists), among them, 50 goals have been approaching ranked third in the game in the Brazil national team goal on the list (55 goals). This game is Messi’s 115th game in the national team, with Ayla, after Zanetti (143) and Mascherano (133). However, Messi no bright spot in the game, the Argentina team is the whole downturn, almost did not create a good opportunity. The whole game, Argentina 10 foot shot only hit the goal range of two times. The Argentina team also had a chance to the South American World Cup four teams qualify directly for the 2018 World Cup, the fifth can only play offs. In the pre selected 0相关的主题文章: