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Changchun autumn night was windy: tree cut off the building changed bungalow (Figure) – Sohu News Building a cottage shed dormitory room covered by hail "ripped off the pictures of new cultural reporter Tang Qi photo users in the micro-blog hair I feel like a TV screen inside the disaster area, in the times on the road, what there are two floors, even color room are not cover wind lift." The early morning of September 16th, who lives near the super street and the intersection of the road Changchun livable city resident Mr. Zhou walked out of the gate, was a sight startled, autumn night about an hour of wind and rain, caused no small damage. The street clean street changed Mr. Zhou home near the newly built residential area more, wide roads, clean and tidy, but a storm on the night of September 15th, make this change, "I wake up in the morning to see the broken branch over the road, and do not know where to scrape the tattered." Mr. Zhou said, but there are a lot of trees or trees were cut or scraped off, uprooted, roots exposed. "A lot of people out and I should be in a state of mind, do not know why we are so windy here? Not only is the tree, even across from my home, has not yet completed the District, there is a two story dormitory housing the whole room is gone." Mr. Zhou said, I heard that the workers were injured. Residents have said that the mid autumn night of the wind and rain from 8:30 pm or so, about an hour or so. The shed was ripped off houses new cultural reporters came to Mr. Zhou said the master workers are cleaning up the site, visible after the storm the dilapidated scene, some of the workers picking up a daily appliance can use, more workers in the removal of no roof wall. By the wind ripped off the roof is the first room on the west end line, we can see this is a worker dormitory, a total of two floors, a building is not damaged, but the two floor has been unable to live. "The whole house was shaking and the floor was leaking." Living here, a worker said, may be the first to scrape away from the south, the sound is particularly loud, as well as thunderstorms, everyone began to dare to go out, and then can not stay, and the two floor on the other dormitory. The workers stopped after the rain that night, the house was covered by a few dozen meters away, crossed the warehouse site, fell on the lawn of the super street. According to the workers, the dormitory has thirty or forty workers, and the workers were scratched by the wind. Reporters on the scene, said the warehouse workers have been blown by bright. The trees were cut in guaduan reporters found along the way, on the road and the trees were middle guaduan, but has been garden staff to clean up, "eight or nine o’clock in the morning, they began to clean the street, because the tree falls on the road blocked the traffic." Zhou said. See in the livable way can, there are three or four trees sized thick trees fell on the ground, there is a tree grown poplar was the middle guaduan, and a super street in front of the cell, a tree is uprooted. Although the street has been cleaned up, but you can still see the branches, branches are sanitation workers temporarily piled up on the roadside. "Clean up the branches, branches.相关的主题文章: