Chi line world without end cx-4 fam go your own way widcomm

Chi line world without end CX-4 fam go its own way from the beginning of August 29th, continuing to explore the Mazda CX-4 fam trip in October 24th come to an end, along the way, CX-4 company owners enjoy the magnificent China beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. Qinghai tea card Saline Lake and Guangxi Chongzuo forest, Guangxi Leye sinkhole unique landscape landscape, has become a beautiful trip to explore the experience, leave a deep impression for the owners. At the same time, insist on the test of self nature will give you more courage to challenge it, and you just need to do not forget the beginning of the heart, adhere to self. Annual 5-10 month is the most beautiful time in Qinghai, walking in this vast land, a sacred and stirring feelings will arise spontaneously in your heart. We know that the interpersonal environment will change a person’s mood, so take advantage of it now, to face the deep longing in the heart, it allows you to better understand the beauty of life. Located in the Qinghai tea card is embedded in the land of Saline Lake as the mirror of the sky, reflecting the quiet of the sky, now only a perfect blend of simplicity and blue and white. CX-4 as the figure shows the cheetah vigorous powerful vitality and dynamism, and tea card Saline Lake tranquility in stark contrast to the beauty of the eyes, can stimulate the passion of sport. There are many exquisite beauty of the world, yet simple but can often create more classic beauty, CX-4 to adhere to the flexible design style of self, making the design and positioning of their products is no longer confined to normal, similar to the design of a good mix of both SUV should have a sense of power and dynamic coupe. In addition to the tea card of Saline Lake, has a vibrant green in the depths of Gobi, in bibowanqing, the gold in the sea, you can feel through the reeds free with gold, the sea is another kind of beauty, rugged beauty, beauty is chic. And Ulam’s wilderness is more the charm of the ride, might as well put aside the troubles of the past, to a real and the speed of the contest! In the vast prairie, clouds as a rival, only continue to go beyond, to make oneself more outstanding. In the night watchman All sounds are still. bright galaxy! Every star is so small, but all with their own light, which is not often seen in the city of beauty. Also in the players along the way, broke through the heavy development, adhere to the original departure wish, to enjoy the magnificent scenery. The essence of nature is created by heart, attention and deep in its aubstadt, huge mind can cover and contain everything. Guangxi is located in the Chongzuo forest is such a secret place, it is located in the southwest of Chongzuo city in Guangxi China, water rich, lush vegetation, Karst mountain forest ecosystem provides a good environment for the survival of the white headed leaf monkey, and the white headed leaf monkey and the natural harmony, also inspires our hearts. The most comfortable journey, must be full of love and care, CX-4 as the perfect partner to explore the nature, is the use of ergonomics, driver state through multi angle analysis, the key position and strength of the optimized combination, to achieve a more natural and more convenient operation experience. When the car is no longer just a means of transport, but a support!相关的主题文章: