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Child mother too careless, the way to the hospital baby out card crotch – Sohu Shenzhen mother Ms. Wang second pregnancy, because it is the child, feel that they have a lot of experience, have been careless. One day, she felt a little pain in her stomach, but it didn’t take her seriously. After a few hours, she felt that something was wrong. The results arrived she felt unbearable pain, the hospital gate rupture of the amniotic fluid, feel the child slipped out. The doctor took the rescue rushed to the door when the box outpatient children found the whole body stuck in the crotch, body purple, throat and nose had mucus and amniotic fluid. Because the outpatient and inpatient ward had a distance, in order to gain time, doctors and nurses take temporary entrance in outpatient surgery, the doctor will use the box of baby suction tube for baby sucking mouth, amniotic fluid and secretions with the mouth, to help her breathing. Then the mother and daughter two people were transferred to the maternity ward was checked, but fortunately mother daughter peace. Many mothers pregnant with a second child feel that they have a first experience, come to, is not so care, especially the first pain for a long time before birth mother, but do not want to wait for admission so early, in fact this is a big misunderstanding. A child, a big difference and fetal primipara compared with maternal childbirth process faster and easier, from the onset of labor to cervical open, primipara average takes about 10 hours, the average maternal takes about 5-8 hours, even faster in the cervical open after the primipara average also need about 1 hours however, the maternal only about 20 minutes, the fetus can delivery. This is because the experience of the last delivery of the abdomen and uterine muscles are more relaxed, each labor time will be reduced, delivery time is greatly reduced. If you copy the first experience, in the face of the sudden arrival of the baby is very easy to be taken by surprise, many careless child mother like Ms. Wang as a child at home, in the park, a taxi waiting, like the plot of the drama. Outside the hospital in the production of maternal bleeding is very easy, child birth injury, the risk of infection is also greatly increased. Two, the second child should be more prudent in addition to the production process faster, a lot of child mother or maternal age, higher risk of premature delivery, the risk of pregnancy complications are more, so don’t be pregnant with a second child that I experienced most probably it did not actually happen seriously, must pay attention to it, once the lower abdomen pain, red, broken water etc. sign, go to the hospital immediately. Under normal circumstances, to stay in the hospital a week earlier than expected, if ready, can not be avoided or outside the hospital in the place of production accident, must immediately rushed to the hospital, on the way to hospital, try to keep the supine posture. Pictures from the network相关的主题文章: