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Chinese "Oscar" 25 stars – Beijing, China News Agency, Tangshan 25 September Xinhua: Chinese "Oscar" contained 25 new stars still in the Agency reporter Bai Yunshui a story of the event encountered a local story. Tonight in Hebei Tangshan, Chinese film "the flowers are blooming" as the theme of the film tells the story of. 24 evening, a China called "Oscar" in the twenty-fifth session of the Chinese Golden Flower Movie Festival and the thirty-third popular movie award ceremony and walk the red carpet ceremony in the "Phoenix City" reputation of Hebei Tangshan. Founded in 1992, Chinese film and the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award Taiwan Film Awards, Hongkong film awards are known as the world’s three Chinese Film Awards, is Chinese has the longest history, the largest influence and Film Awards event. The China Film Festival awarded the thirty-third annual public award. In Chinese, can go on the film festival red carpet, mostly young people to pursue fashion icons. From the beginning of the first popular movie award winner Zhu Xijuan on the red carpet debut, to William Feng, Angela Baby and other cutting-edge stars. 101 judges from around the masses, also became the night star". In their vote, ur good and Angela Baby with the movie "dragon tactic" won best director and best supporting actress; Xu Qing and Li Yifeng in popularity with movie "old gun" won the best actress and best supporting actor award. Best actor award was Wolf Totem starring William Feng stopped into the bag. Directed by Cao Baoping, "burning heart" won best film and best screenplay award, becoming the biggest winner of the night. After winning the award, Cao Baoping has always been very hard to say, although the Chinese film has been criticized. He hopes to be able to have a better screenplay, so that we Chinese filmmakers can do better. "We have reason to look forward to a healthier, more prosperous Chinese film market." China Film Association, deputy party secretary, vice chairman of the meeting Zhang Hong said that in 2015, China shot 686 kinds of films, the total box office reached RMB 44 billion 69 million yuan. Domestic film box office 27 billion 136 million yuan, accounting for the total box office of 61.58%. When the festival curtain is about to fall, a "prairie city" reputation of Hohhot city on the next year held the twenty-sixth session of China Film Festival banner. Chinese Film Association chairman Li Xuejian on behalf of all Chinese filmmakers confided: "we not only have to walk the red carpet, the prairie. Feel the unity of heaven and earth realm, contribute to the "Chinese dream"!" (end)相关的主题文章: