China Xi’an Fifth International Original Animation Contest Awards ceremony held-7470d

The fifth Xi’an international China original cartoon contest awards presentation ceremony held on the evening of September 13th, the "2016 award China Xinguang Xi’an Fifth International Animation Industry Awards ceremony held in Xi’an, the third session of the Silk Road International Festival of animation and Creative Culture Week activities kicked off. 2639 pieces of fierce competition in Ukraine India for the first time to participate in the contest starts since June this year, a total of 2639 entries were received from China, respectively, the United States, Russia and Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Hongkong, Macao, China Chinese China Taiwan and other 11 countries and regions. After three months of intense competition, the awards were awarded 11 awards, winning 53. From this exhibition, there are many new changes gratifying: one is to participate in the contest of the countries and regions of Ukraine, India and other more widely, for the first time; two is in the works of technology is more diverse, both traditional animation, 3D technology also has the participation; three is in the theme more widely, covering topics such as Chinese traditional culture, Western magical theme, the future of science and a variety of. Anime songs "journey to the west" for the return of the cinema film award for best animated the Zhejiang Hengdian Film Productions Ltd. the "journey to the west" the return of the king won the best film award from the animation theater, CCTV Animation Co. Ltd. production of "Panda" series and the mole won the best animation award, also from Master-film (Studio Russia) the "HEART, TAMBURINE, PLACE" won the best animated short film award, best national animation won by CCTV Animation Co. Ltd. "Jigong". In addition, in order to encourage entrepreneurship contest set up new entrepreneurship award from the Shaanxi Ming Xin rain Technology Development Company Limited "Datang silk song", especially the newly established rookie of the year award students Animation Award and student Animation Award, respectively by Nanjing Arts Institute and the Guangxi Arts Institute "" "" reach the acme of perfection "fantasy series" won. The fifth Xi’an international China original cartoon contest awards ceremony held in Xi’an gradually developed into a national animation creation source and gathering Chinese fifth Xi’an original animation cartoon art contest sponsored by the Committee of the Xi’an Municipal People’s government and the Chinese TV Artists Association, Shaanxi comic platform management center, China animation resources network, Shaanxi new China Wind animation industry development executive operation Co. ltd.. The contest will continue adhering to the "New Silk Road · new China wind · new animation" concept, to the national element as the foundation, combined with the new idea and new technology, to create a national animation animation project, set up new national wind for the event characteristics, make Xi’an become China’s national animation creation source and gathered, so full of national and the regional characteristics of the China animation can become an independent school in the international animation market.相关的主题文章: