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Civic 1.0T spirior hybrid exposed east of Guangzhou auto show lineup – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] the day before, we learned that the Guangzhou auto show lineup from Dongfeng Honda official, the tenth generation Civic 1.0T will be officially listed and announced the price, at the same time, the new jade and spirior sharp · hybrid car is two; the first appearance. The new civic 180Turbo. A new generation of civic pre listing is the 1.5T version, the heat has been reduced since listing last September, sales also officially break 10 thousand mark. The lower price 180Turbo (1.0T) is expected to boost the new civic become monthly sales of 20 thousand vehicles in the explosion. Appearance: 180Turbo (1.0T) models in appearance and cash in the sale of 230Turbo (1.5T) models have no obvious difference, but the details have changed, canceled the design of front fog lamps and headlamps to replace the conventional halogen light source. Interior part of the use of more fabric material, multi-function steering wheel is simplified. Power: 180Turbo models equipped with a 1.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power of 125 horsepower (92 kW), peak torque of 200 cattle meters. Transmission system matching 6 speed manual transmission and CVT transmission. Official fuel consumption data for 5.5L 100km (manual transmission models) and 5.0L 100km (CVT models). The new will. Jed Jed debut at the November Guangzhou auto show. As a mid facelift models, the new jade appearance of the biggest feature is equipped with full LED headlights, while its grille and fog LED group have also been adjusted accordingly, and the chrome strip for decoration. In addition, the Japanese version of Jed RS models have been first equipped with low power version of the 1.5T engine, Dongfeng Honda Jed will also expected new new 1.5T engine options. Spirior. Sharp · hybrid Honda accord Camry Rui · hybrid has been listed, priced at 23.98-27.98 million. Dongfeng Honda will also launch with i-MMD dual motor hybrid system of platinum Rui Rui · hybrid models, Guangzhou auto show after the first listing will wait until 2017. Available for reference, accord sharp · hybrid official combined fuel consumption of 4.2L 100km, enjoy 3 years or 100 thousand km vehicle battery, 10 years or 200 thousand km warranty service. The Honda i-MMD dual motor hybrid system consists of a 2.0L Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine, dual motor, e-CVT gearbox, power control unit and lithium battery. I-MMD system has three modes of operation, in the initial or traffic jams need low speed, the use of pure electric drive mode. At low speeds, it is converted to a hybrid drive mode. When cruising at high speed, it is converted to engine drive mode. In addition, when the vehicle is braked, the device is equipped with a start stop device相关的主题文章: