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To commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare Tang Xianzu and Bruce – Beijing Exhibition opening in Sydney Chinese cultural center? At professor Hirshman speech. Xia Changqing photo Beijing, September 8 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) by the Ministry of culture, China overseas cultural center organized the "linkage dialogue across time and space" — to commemorate Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare died in 400 on the evening of 8 anniversary exhibition opened in Sydney Chinese cultural center. Sydney China cultural center director Zhao Li said at the opening ceremony, Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare as the 16 to seventeenth Century, British literary representative, their works not only had great influence at that time, make an important contribution to world civilization, and even affect our today’s artistic creation, let us feel their presence. Senior lecturer, Professor Zhao Xiaohuan University of Sydney School of language and culture introduces "the Peony Pavilion" in the field of literature enduring history in his speech, Tang Xianzu and related concepts of performance function and the performing arts. At the same time, Professor Zhao also works in the dream, love, rebirth and other elements as an example to illustrate the similarities and differences between the two works. Bruce, a professor of music at University of Western Sydney, at the opening ceremony, specially talked about the inspiration and influence of "the Peony Pavilion" on his music creation and academic research in the opening ceremony of. He believes that with the arousal of sexual love and alluding to the spiritual and the works provided the inspiration of Tang Xianzu’s poetry works, this is particularly reflected in the near future based on the "Peony Pavilion" the creation of large-scale musical drama "gentle" – sharp. The exhibition site. Xia Changqing took the exhibition as a starting point, through the dialogue between the space and time, through the dialogue between the Tang and Tang Dynasties, the introduction of Tang Xianzu and his works and the introduction of Chinese culture. The exhibition is divided into three parts, respectively, showing the similarities and differences between the two age and Shakespeare soup works show Tang Xianzu masterpiece "Linchuan four dreams" and the beauty of opera, but also to books, audio-visual materials and other media for the audience understand Tang Xianzu works to build interactive platform. The exhibition will be the Kunqu Opera elements and space design combined with the present exhibition content and the introduction of Chinese traditional scroll form; and through the theatre and technology elements, let the audience across time and space of the door, personally on the scene feel the charm of Chinese culture. It is reported that, in order to coincide with the exhibition, the cultural center also organized a number of activities to explore the similarities and differences between the East and West in 16 different regions of the culture and ideas in seventeenth Century. The exhibition will be held from September 9th to 30 at the Sydney cultural center. From Australia, the cultural sector, the arts and many other representatives attended the opening ceremony of the night.相关的主题文章: