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Comparable to Ward TOP10? SAIC blue core SGE16T engine – Sohu automobile Sohu [analytical] distance headlamp believe whenever a little understanding of friends all know the importance of the engine to the car to car, it is as important to the heart of the car. But in quite a long period of time the heart is controversial, has been prolonged for naturally aspirated and turbocharged which is stronger this topic for many years, we stand in the different angles of the natural public just said, there is a woman and she said, now the balance have tilt? With the continuous improvement of technology, the automobile "wear T" gradually become the mainstream, displacement small end is the trend. In this case, the pursuit of large displacement of satisfaction? Don’t out, small turbine is coming, with foreign manufacturers of all kinds of fancy child heart Dafa, is China brand in the field and in person? Of course not, SAIC blue core SGE16T engine has sounded the horn of attack. What is SGE, SGE is an important part of SAIC technology brand "NetBlue blue core", with MGE / NSE constitutes a "blue chip" Three Dharma king kong. So how to subdivide the three series? Is actually very simple, MGE series of daily needs to be responsible for the big kids, 2.0L 2.0T 1.8T fully propped up half the sky, SAIC’s high-end models; NSE 1.5L / 1.3L two products, careful observation is representative of the naturally aspirated series; SGE is the elves of the world, 1.4T / 1.5T two engines have been tried in the market development, while the third 16T engines, as a connecting as it is today we say the protagonist. In the car circle, perhaps some friends of the "blue core" are not very familiar with, but if you talk about Ruiteng 8 seconds Pobai, saving challenge Roewe 360 race you will definitely see light suddenly. Yes, they have to blue core series made a good bedding, integrated power, fuel economy, it seems to be gradually recognized by the huge market. So this is the meaning of today’s 16T engine, it has what originality, then let’s find out. SGE16TGI (GDI + turbo) engine is the first by China leading R & D and production type engine, which is composed of SAIC and universal joint research and development of this engine has intellectual property rights, in the face of small engine will lead strategic trends, see the SAIC to create the star product to remarkable. So what are the highlights of the SGE16T engine? According to the author from the front information, can be summarized as follows: – direct injection fuel system by multi injection, could optimize the fuel spray mixing and combustion of oil and gas, to effectively improve the emission effect. By increasing the engine compression ratio, improving the efficiency of carbon combustion, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, reducing the wet wall of the fuel can also reduce the emission of soot particles. Turbocharging system by greatly improving low speed torque, 1600 RPM can be achieved.相关的主题文章: