Confederations Cup final Czech 3-2 reversal France fifth years to win the championship in six years-didadi

The Confederations Cup final Czech 3-2 reversal of France in six years to win fifth times (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on November 14th news, the 2016 confederations cup into the second match day. France and Czech on the first day of a tie game in today’s singles contest again each victory: the Garcia 6-3 3-6 6-3 beat card – Pulis Stree Kurkovva by 6-2 7-6 korva; (4) beat Conert equalised. But in the doubles competition, Prisco Vaz Periko Va card with two 7-5 beat this year’s French Open champion Maillard Aganovich Garcia, helped Czech win fifth trophies in six years. On the first day of the cup game, Pulis and May Radanovic in the card korva decider record battle to 16-14 to win, but Covey Tova was the situation well in two straight sets to Garcia, so the two teams tied on the first day. Today, the first stage is yesterday two win hero Garcia and Pulis korva card. With the defeat of Covey Tova Yu, Garcia is full of momentum in today after the start of the game, in the fourth inning to seize the card – Pulis Bokova mistakes too many opportunities to complete the break, then withstand the opponent’s counterattack, the French girl quickly established a 4-1 lead. The beauty of Czech Baofa reduce errors and stabilize the ground, but a fire with Garcia also scored serve, to continue to lead 5-2. At the end of the game disc without recrudesce billows, eventually double their own security, Garcia 6-3 to xianbatouchou. Covey Tova celebrated the fight back card Pulis milchakova at the start of the second set to get the break and 3-0 lead. After adjustment of the inning breaks after Garcia began to rise, has dissolved the five break points after once put up into the score 3-5. But the advantage in the game obviously Czech girl was not affected, four straight ball hold the ball wins disk bureau to regain a 6-3. The final set of two people dare not neglect, before the end of six after the score of the game 3-3. Strong to hold the seventh inning Garcia began to force the emergence of physical problems increased card – Pulis Bokova mistakes, serve were break. The best withstand the opponent’s counterattack, Garcia eventually won 6-3 to help the French team to lead 2-1. France sent a team to get the match point in the fourth game of Conert, her opponent is himself repeatedly defeated Stree Kurkovva. But the world rankings came to the 20 Czech veteran in the first set but completely prevailed, on two occasions in the break before the end of six to 5-1 after way ahead. The two men then mutual serve, Stree Kurkovva by 6-2 xianbatouchou. Actively adjust the Conert in the second round of the start to turn the situation, and soon gained the advantage of 4-1. But Stree Kurkovva did not give up tenacity, even under four after they took a 5-4 lead into the ball game. Despite the strong Conert then two times to break the disadvantages of the game back forced into grab seven, but Stree Kurkovva was to help Czech 7-4 victory, tying the score again. May Radanovic and Garcia in the final crucial doubles match,)相关的主题文章: