Constellation sincere words shooter a second wave of gas mad water bottle (Figure) 3u8895

Constellation sincere words: shooter a second wave of gas mad water bottle (Figure) 2 minutes out of the bottle, the shooter to go wave! The minute bottle angered his girlfriend! I would like to have a good fight, who saw the shooter that face I will depend on the way you look and make super speechless…… A small bottle of sina users love my love said to the Sina constellation Sagittarius to second wave mad bottles do not give way out of a female bottle on my birthday (128) a week before he told me that my birthday, she asked me not to go out with her at home, she said to accompany me to live alone birthday, because we separated her in Beijing, I am in the United States, she should be my birthday a day to open the video, she asked her to accompany me, I said that my birthday is not to go to dinner with friends? Just come back right away? She said no, I want to buy back to eat, I will say, I to accompany her (because of her in my heart the moment I max) even thought it was decided to push out all the friends on my birthday invitation, want to say two days late at the weekend I home go through a party please my good friend everybody come to celebrate these. The 8 day of friends to help me celebrate the covenant was pushed away, and she is a temporary "emergency" to meet with her German teacher, is said to bring things to her, said to me is to go out for about two hours, I also not happy after listening to. I really don’t feel what, so I asked her to go out, she can not accompany me, is it my can be about a few friends together to eat, she is not happy, I will be at home waiting for her to come back. I don’t think so! You can’t go out with me, so I’m going to have dinner with my friends to celebrate my birthday I asked her why? She said that she was not, she is also a thousand do not want to. I said I don’t mind, you really have something urgent you want to go out, I can’t for you can’t accompany me on the birthday of temper or angry, but you can’t accompany me then I can find my friend with me? Anyway, how can I explain this reason she can not understand. Later, I insisted on looking for my friend to dinner on my birthday that night, and then she went to class in the morning to meet her German teacher in the afternoon, two people also went to see the film two. They are not as happy as they are! I finished my meal at home is waiting for her for two hours before she comes back, I even don’t fart not with her! The best thing is, my girlfriend can’t stay at home for my birthday, so I can’t do it for two days! Sure enough, today because I want to make several other friends not to do a party at home on weekends, she asked me this thing when I felt she was not too cool, like the police pressed the murderer tone asked me who is coming? Oh! Who is that woman? What relationship with you? Why do you ask her to do so, then I really think she was a little too much, my temper is up, I asked her why? Ask you a confession? You are in doubt I have to eat with the other woman or what? She has been repeatedly asked me to say that I am what? Then what am I? I could not help but laugh ~ I said what are you? You are my wife! You!相关的主题文章: