Consumers Association Network about the overall performance of the car service is still good five qu ravbin

Consumers Association: net about car service overall performance is better still exist five major problems – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) China Consumer Association (Association) released in Beijing on 25 2016 net about car service experience survey report shows that net about car service overall performance is good, still online and offline registration information does not match the five questions. On the same day at a news conference, the association official said, since this year, the net about car service has exposed the platform for vehicle information and strict management is not in place, serious damage caused by the interests of consumers, thus triggering a social network to further standardize the discussion about car service. In late July of this year, the 7 Department of the general office of the State Council and the Ministry of transport and other relevant regulations were released on the net about car service, especially in November 1, 2016 will be the formal entry into the "network booking taxi service management procedures", provides the corresponding basis for standardizing the development of the current network about the car market. In order to strengthen the supervision of social network about the car industry, urge the relevant government departments to further standardize the network about car service, enhance the network about the car industry’s service consciousness and ability, to meet consumer safety, fast, the difference of the travel demand, the association from 8 to September to carry out the network about car service experience investigation activities. Experience results show that the network about the overall performance of the car service is better, there is little difference in the scores of each platform experience. The main problems are: one is the individual vehicle vehicle online registration information and the line number or vehicle number inconsistencies are not linked to license plate operation; the two part is about the network drivers driving safety awareness is not strong, there are many unsafe behaviors, 20.1% of the staff to reflect the driver call driving experience in the process, continue to play 16.5% of the mobile phone experience staff reflect the driver in the driving process, the experience of 12.3% members reflect the driver driving the process did not fasten safety belt; three is not part of the customer service phone network about the car platform, consumers can only communicate by e-mail, relatively poor convenience, 16.5% members reflect not easy to find customer service experience the contact on APP; four is part of the net about car platform setting unfair cancellation provisions, consumers need to cancel the order An additional fee, and another 68.2% of the experience about the car network members reflect not cancel orders; five is the service platform issued invoices need to be accumulated to a certain amount, and part of the platform does not accept consumers pick up invoices, invoice and delivery costs charged by the consumer. In addition, some drivers driving skills are not skilled, vulgar language, poor service attitude and other issues. Consumers Association called for: the relevant departments to strengthen supervision and law enforcement; while reminding consumers: to enhance self-protection awareness, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章: