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Cross border electricity supplier Carnival in the face of a new inflection point who can complete the lead? Sohu technology 10 minutes, the average customer price of $700, the first batch of 17 hours from the United States, the black package has been ordered to enter the Shanghai Pudong Airport in the customs clearance of five, refresh the new speed of cross-border logistics in. This is the first transcript of the black Friday event at the marina. The fourth Friday of November each year, to coincide with the U.S. black Friday, along with the rise of the popularity of the Internet and other cross-border electronic business platform, this day has become the entity retailers, electricity providers and consumers to enjoy a universal shopping carnival, and for the sea Amoy family, it is on this day came to the highest shopping their peak. Facing the consumption upgrade, sea Amoy crowd is rapidly increasing in fact, has become synonymous with the black Friday Shopping Festival, it is precisely because the United States is the traditional shopping malls with black pen record profits, while the United States Christmas shopping generally start on this day, so businesses hope to open a year profit on this day by purchasing Carnival consumers, when the customs handed down, this day became known to every family of the "black five" shopping festival. Blue ocean pier CEO once pointed out, if Ali’s "double 11" through the "Shopping Festival" to change our online shopping habits, the real education of the domestic electricity supplier market, so for the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier in terms of the "black five" has become a "Shopping Festival to cultivate consumers overseas shopping habits". At the same time, in this day through the holiday symbol to get market attention has become a platform for the struggle strategy. While talking about the rapid development of cross-border electricity current is not random, according to iResearch data show that in 2015 imports of cross-border retail electricity supplier transactions was 118 billion 430 million yuan, an increase of 111.9%, while Nelson released "2015 cross-border online shopping consumption report" shows that the first half of 2016 first-tier cities north of Guangzhou sea purchase growth rate accounted for 77.57% rise, second tier the city rose 84.32%, and the three line of the city growth will reach 108.65%. Thus, the sea Amoy consumer population is extending from the first line to the two or three line of the city, which also means that the gradual popularization of overseas shopping. In addition, with the popularity of economic level and the sea Amoy, domestic consumption structure gradually optimization and upgrading, the consumer demand has changed, the early sea Amoy consumption mainly by quality, price driven, now is more driven by commodity diversity — that is, from the standard requirement to non-standard, from just need to individual needs. A simple example is, before consumers buy shoes in pursuit of functionality and quality, the pursuit of cost-effective, consumers now buy shoes to see the style, color, the pursuit of limited, unique, even because Starchaser and choose to buy, this is the trend of the change of consumption. Black five struck the first blow horn ocean terminal attack in November 14th, ocean terminal open officially announced the largest annual event — the "2016 black five world carnival". Perhaps it is to see the huge consumption of eleven Chinese consumers shopping potential, this year, the black terminal of the black Friday can be said to be full of fire. .相关的主题文章: