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Cutting recruitment: Pro 6S recruitment of small and fresh literature and art evaluation – Sohu science and technology science and technology of Sohu Meizu Meizu released the flagship phone Pro 6S, with a 6 month time on the basis of Pro 6. The theme of the conference is: give time to science and technology. Selected in the Qinhuangdao triple sea library, the time is the 5 point of the sunset, the whole style of literature and small fresh. As if the sea polished time have slowed the cutting section is also the first time to get the pro 6S mobile phone, can give you a simple tushang: but it’s appearance with 6 to see what difference. But polished for 6 months, should be polished heart. So back to the first conference, six months time, only focus on the polished ___ and ___? The highlights are: 1 – Meizu Meizu zero latency camera Flyme camera in the camera application team launched a series of special optimization work, can achieve 0.3 seconds speed camera imaging, delay down to close to 0 seconds. Night shot imaging, using the new four axis optical image stabilization, N 1 algorithm, multi frame noise reduction technology to make the night photos of noise control in the best range, picture clarity, shadow detail complete. The 2 strongest optical anti shake PRO6s application of four axis stabilization technology, which belongs to the lens Fangdou, can according to subject distance automatic switching compensation direction, more effective in telephoto or macro. The use of this technology, in low light shooting, clear and bright scenery, macro photo piece rate improved significantly. 3 N 1 N in the picture and software algorithm from fuzzy to clear the key place to insert frame, and then selected by the algorithm closest to the clear value of photo output from the N photo, guarantee the final picture effect, improve image quality. 4 new beauty enhancement algorithm for 5 to six months and the size of PRO cell appearance similar to the 6, the thickness of 7.3mm, the battery capacity increased from 2560mAh to 3060mAh and now, under the same volume, body size did not change under the premise of cell density increases, the 3060mAh battery also makes PRO 6S can use a day of moderate intensity. So we recruit this time, invite you to measure the main points of the pro 6S. Not only need the same text evaluation, interesting highlights. If you are a professional photographer, willing to test zero delay, the anti shake; if you are willing to share self love, willing to test self beauty, face recognition, N 1 algorithm; if you are willing to understand the test battery, standby, welcome to click here to sign up we need to test your interesting new ideas!相关的主题文章: