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Preface: 30 days 30 team parade parade to start to see where all of the 30 day parade 30 team open again! Sina sports news Beijing time on September 26th, from the 2016-17 NBA regular season opener, but also a whole month left, this year, sina NBA will continue to launch large prospective planning class 30 days 30 team parade, with you before the start of the season, do a detailed understanding of the 30 teams. We have come to continue the tradition of a few seasons ago, this year we will still be friends for the fans launched 30 days of the 30 team of the parade plan, yes, we are here again. In the next 30 days, you will be uninterrupted, every day a team update rate, we see at the start of the season before the review and expectation of every team, let you before the start of the season, with their own team, the opponent, and all the other NBA team strength, personnel the new season changes, the watch has a detailed grasp. What can you see here a lot of fans are concerned about what can be seen here in the 30 day of the 30 day parade. This year’s preview parade, we will adopt a more structured, more concise language, and more detailed focus to let you know every team you want to know everything. Specifically, you can see here, we on the team last season are summarized, including but not limited to last season, regular season and playoff record ranking, you can see the main data of the team, and in their own division, and the league’s level; you can see every team in the operation of the offseason, including draft, coach, whether to replace the offseason team personnel changes and specific operation of the team, of course, we have on their operation evaluation; salary distribution can you see every team in the new season, who took the money, who is who you can see every minimum; the team new season last season compared to the biggest change in where, for they can have what kind of expectations; you can see every team in the new season The most noteworthy thing N (N < 100), their new season may be some aspect, tell you all we; finally, of course you can see our forecast for each team new season regular season rankings. I have to run her season? I stabbed Duncan after the inner strength is reduced? I signed Harrison – Barnes is worth? What if I don’t make waves will have much impact? Can I get into the playoffs? Can I join the league in the new season? What’s the level of my new season? Rest assured that you can get these questions here. Update order? Maybe this is the concern of many fans. This year we will take a more interesting update ranking, we will follow the regular season record ranking, flashbacks update, that is to say, we will update the forward-looking 76 on the first day, the second day will be ahead of the Lakers, and the last three days followed by knights, spurs and warriors)相关的主题文章: