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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews As we all know that a diamond is forever and is also the hardest transparent substance that exists. Diamonds are so precious, eternal and timeless when someone wears it, they reflect a bond to special person who gifted the diamond Jewellery. Diamond Jewellery as a gift to his love one is one of the woman’s dream one no matter expensive it is. It makes a perfect gift and as universal gift can be given to women by men during special occasions. Diamond Jewellery is said to be the gift of all. Color: A perfect diamond Jewellery is perfectly transparent with no hue, or color. The color of the diamond Jewellery may be affected by the chemical impurities or structural defects depending on the hue and density of diamond’s coloration. Most diamond Jewellery used a gemstones are basically transparent with little tint or white diamonds. Cut: Diamond Jewellery cutting is the art of creating a gem quality diamond out of mined rough. The diamond Jewellery cut and ideal cut describes the manner in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from its beginning form as a rough stone to its final gem proportion. Clarity of the diamond: Pure diamonds Jewellery is perfectly clear. But, it is very difficult to find or afford such diamonds Jewellery as most of the flaws are visible only through a powerful magnifying glass. Clarity is rated on a set scale so that each diamond can be compared to another without much technical knowledge at all. Carat Weight of the diamond: Carat weight partially determines the price of your diamond Jewellery just as the color and clarity play roles in the price. Naturally the carat weight refers to the actual weight and also the approximate size of the diamond. Crystal structure: Diamonds Jewellery have a crystal structure and consist of tetrahedral bonded carbon which gives it the kind of properties it has, such as hardness, toughness, and a high refractive index. Hardness: Diamonds Jewellery are the hardest material known. They are used in industries for cutting and grinding as well as in diamond Jewellery worn by a beautiful woman. Increasingly, we are beginning to buy Jewellery for themselves like diamond rings, diamond bracelets, necklaces, diamond watches and nevertheless, the diamond trend is starting to change and continue to improve. There is a saying Diamonds are forever" About the Author: Rivazge.com is an online Jewellery portal, dealing in quality designer Jewellery. For more information or shopping, feel free to visit: ..rivazge.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: