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UnCategorized Bright Victoria is located approximately 3.5 hours north east of Melbourne in Australia, and is a popular destination for those who are looking to escape their daily routine each weekend. Being one of the only places in Australia that is not affected by the different seasons, there is something to do in every single month of the year, whether it involves scaling alpine peaks, throwing back one of the local brews, or snowboarding on the slopes of Mt Hotham. Located directly between two major National Parks, this area is extremely popular amongst lovers of nature, and those who love going for day walks and extended hikes. Since the banning of cattle running in these two national parks, it has been argued that these National Parks deserve world heritage status, much like those reserves located far south in Tasmania, however, this has not been acted upon. For the moment, all that is left is for you to see these national parks for yourself. Alpine National Park Stretching from Walhalla just east of Melbourne, all the way to the border between Victoria and New South Wales at Mt Pilot, this is the largest National Park in Victoria. Boasting the largest peaks in the state, and some of the most unique country in Australia, this is a National Park that simply can not be missed. Of all the National Parks near Bright, this is my personal favorite. Mt Feathertop stands directly above the small township of Bright, and is accessible both from Harrietville and Mt Hotham, providing 360 degree views of the surrounding country. Standing over the Bogong High Plains at 1922 meters in elevation, this is one of the most truly alpine peaks in Australia, providing a unique challenge in all seasons. East of Mt Feathertop, the Bogong High Plains, situated at an average of 1600 meters above sea level, this unique landscape is home to some minor peaks, including Mt Cope and Mt Nelse, which provide a great day walk that is suitable for families. The landscape on the High Plains is very unique, consisting mainly of stunted Snow Gums and alpine grass. Separated from the High Plains is the imposing bulk of Mt Bogong, standing at 1986 meters in elevation, this is the highest peak in Victoria, as such, it provides a unique challenge regardless of the season. In Summer, climbers travel country wide to stand on this impressive summit, and in Winter, extreme sports enthusiast climb to the summit just to experience skiing from the summit through Gorge Gap. An impressive sight to be seen! Mt Buffalo National Park Standing directly above the Great Alpine Road between Wangaratta and Porepunkah, this very unique area is only small in comparison to the nearby reserves. The park itself consists of the massive summit plateau of Mt Buffalo, leaving many small peaks able to be scaled, and various small valleys to be explored. The Horn provides a unique challenge to those who visit this area, looking completely impenetrable from below, the summit is an easy ladder and stair climb, and offers a unique perspective of almost the entire Alpine National Park. As those who visit this area, Mt Buffalo is a peak that is visible from almost anywhere in the Victorian High Country, as such, the views would understandably be magnificent. In Winter, Mt Buffalo is transformed into a family friendly snow resort, with Cresta Valley and Dingo Dell both providing a fun and safe place for Tobogganing, and snow play. With amenities at each area, Mt Buffalo would have to be one of the most fun National Parks in Victoria. Sure, there is a lot more to be seen in Bright apart from the Parks that border the area, however, both of these parks truly need to be seen to be understood. They both offer a unique perspective of the area, and are both extremely accessible. As such, they should provide a fun experience for you, and your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: