Do not fear the next battle of the four Olympic Games, super Dan does not retire! – Sohu aizi

Do not fear the next battle of the four Olympic Games, super Dan does not retire! He is recognized as one of the most powerful badminton players of the time, even the greatest player in the history of badminton. The 19 year old boarded the IBF ranking the first position, aggressive style of play and personality. Nearly 30 years of career, continuous campaign for the four Olympic games. Won the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2012 London Olympic Games men’s singles badminton champion, the first set of Olympic champion, world champion and World Cup champion, Asian Games champion, Asian championship, all England champion and a BWF Super Series champion in a grand slam player. He’s the one we love". He walked all the way, harvest countless flowers and applause, has been plagued by controversy, pain and depression, but never give up. In November 3rd, Lin Dan as the MontBlanc ambassador Chinese district brand appearance under a MontBlanc Montblanc "fear — praise the vanguard spirit" conference and the 110 Anniversary of the opening ceremony of the world tour ShenZhen Railway Station, pride announced after the Rio Olympics will not retire, with practical action interpretation of "a firm belief without fear". A Montblanc MontBlanc "fear — praise the vanguard spirit" conference photo "world champion" title by one game to win, but "the greatest player in the history of the title" badminton is the need to rely on a game to go all out, go all the way, head battle in order to win the. In Lin Dan’s mind, even if it got the championship, but also this time of glory, just a little bit of life in the river, and he is always looking forward to the next game, create brilliant glory. The MontBlanc brand and Lin Dan forged indissoluble bound in both uphold the record classic, continue to challenge the limits of self pioneer spirit. In Lin Dan’s view, MontBlanc is a stick and his attitude, do not follow the crowd, after 100 years of quenching process, outstanding international top luxury brands. The symbol of the highest peak in Europe, Blanc, MontBlanc’s iconic six corner white star Mark, meaning MontBlanc continues to explore, carve new brand value. As Lin Dan himself, no matter how brilliant the past, still the courage to continue to create a miracle, for him, the more important significance of life is to continue to go beyond the self, to create a new legend. Interestingly, Lin Dan has also worked for MontBlanc presents a problem, MontBlanc hopes for the production of a suitable for the Rio Olympics to wear watches. The final challenge MontBlanc, senior tabulation of the ultimate breakthrough, designed to create a global limited time traveler series Pythagore ultra light concept watch for Lin Dan. Watch watch ear with black DLC coated titanium metal watchcase, middleware, table back, bezel and crown is used ITR Kevlar unique material made of carbon, so the whole time Walker series Pythagore ultra light concept watch is extremely lightweight and durable, has become one of the world’s thinnest mechanical timepiece, the weight is only.相关的主题文章: