Do not understand! What is the significance of the final battle with Naruto Sasuke pork face

Do not understand! The final battle with the meaning of what Naruto Sasuke said that although the original is the end of a short time, but when it comes to the "Naruto", still can easily attract a large number of fans of the eye. This work, with the focus of the relationship between Naruto Sasuke is the concern. From the original, they had a duel at the end. To this end, the recent Japanese friends to discuss: what is the significance of this duel in the end. 1, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. Because now the ~ masu way too boring, so I have to put up before the "Naruto" again. And then somehow think of a question: why end, Naruto Sasuke would come with a duel? Obviously has been fighting side by side, and down with BOSS, and then there is no point in fighting it? 2, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu I don’t know if you have seen the "energy-saving", in fact, the route is similar, also after solving a real BOSS, two frenemy role and make the final showdown. But indeed, much better than Huoying Carthew treatment. After all, or through the final Carthew determine who will be king, and that there is no Naruto Sasuke with to make a necessary. 7, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. In fact the ~ masu which is a relatively normal ending. After all, when Sasuke first left, two people with complex mood had a fight. And this was all that will wipe out the battle, before the problem. Anyway, I still feel very happy. 8, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu upstairs, if Kishimoto Saishi can have a better description of this battle, then I felt nothing. But in terms of effect, the sincerity is not as good as a duel. In this way, it’s a bit disappointing. 12, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. Actually I think the ~ masu is to meet a demand of readers. After all, we all want to see Naruto Sasuke fight with what the result will be. In fact, if the future "Naruto" is a movie, what was the control of Sasuke, Naruto to save people, then they really the story, at least than the son to watch Naruto? 17, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. Anyway, I can not accept the ~ masu the final showdown. After all, what is not the game around, since Sasuke has again become a companion, then there is no reason to continue with Naruto vs. ah. This scenario makes people feel too reluctant. 19, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu ah, okay. "Naruto" to the late stage is not any aspect. What do you see in the final battle?…… Why BOSS is such a boring mother…… So then can fight with Naruto Sasuke, at least let me think not can’t watch anymore. 24, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu to be honest, direct product相关的主题文章: