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Do you work with your child or do your homework? Before the mother and child to do homework, "three questions" before we let her do her homework in the room, but the child can not control themselves, I hope I can accompany her side. Later, we let her sit on the table to do homework, once found on a small hand with toys or snacks, immediately to take her away, extra-curricular books have also received one side, so that her four weeks clear cool. After we had eaten the meal, we immediately cleaned up the kitchen. There was no food on the table. This avoids the children still stay in the relaxed state of eating, and began to tense up, know to do homework. We do not want to give the child a "do not focus on", "self-control is not strong," the label, we think that our children probably need more training. In fact, as long as the patience to adhere to training, she can slowly become focused. Parents’ confidence and patience are very important. The process of training is to teach children the way to give people the process of fishing. Parents must realize that this is a long-term benefit. Our training is: when the kids from school, and she chat for a few minutes, to understand how many 1 subjects: the amount of homework today? What is the difficulty of 2 subjects, why so difficult? How are you going to do this? 3 where do you plan to start today, why? For example, a good spirit from the difficult to get started, the spirit is not good to do physical work". Can’t you just ask, "do you have a lot of homework?" Just ask a question, "do you have a lot of homework today?" It is not enough, often not enough attention to the operation trouble children evade the crucial point, on the back, and the children find homework trouble, because children don’t learn the decomposition of trouble (many adults are not, and brain in children). For example, grade 5, the school issued a "Chinese culture", requiring the children to recite a few poems a week, she was most afraid to recite, then what we do in advance. I will learn how to specifically guide her to recite poetry, such as the church, she found this poem press what rhyme, the key words to find the scenery, sometimes find the picture with video read to her, to help her understand what this poem in speaking. In short, to help her learn to spend a few minutes to master a number of features of the poem, so that it is much faster to recite, I often play with her who fast back, of course, I always let her. At that time, the first time the weekend to arrange the time to recite three poems, so that the layout of the recitation of the ancient poetry of the day, she was not afraid of a little, relaxed mood, do homework quickly. We accompany the children to write assignments, focusing on helping children master the way, and gradually strengthen self-management, will not let the child lose autonomy. Children taste master minding their own business success, we will take the initiative to slowly and difficult communication today work, and how she is thinking about this problem, where we need help, which she can fix. If the teacher assigned the composition, she would generally think about what to write, which will be written in a few points, rather than相关的主题文章: