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E-Books Have you thought about publishing an ebook? If you’re a freelance writer who spends any time on the net, the thought has undoubtedly crossed your mind. Whether you’re already a self-published ebook author, or not, following is how Google can help you sell more ebooks – and it’s free. How to Use Google to Find Affordable Websites and Blogs to Advertise On If you market, then you know that finding the perfect place to advertise is more than half the battle, especially if you are working with a shoe-string budget. for more can help you sell more e-books. Following is how. Using Google is one of the best ways to find affordable places to advertise your e-book online. To understand how, let’s get specific. Google Does Your Keyword Discovery for You When marketing online, keyword discovery is key. Following is how Google helps you with this. Let’s say you wrote an e-book about how to make money writing – a very common topic. The first thing you would do is go to Google and type in a keyword phrase, something like, "make money writing". As you’re typing, see the phrases that pop up (and change) in the box below? This, in essence, is Google doing your keyword research for you. Words and phrases related to your niche – that you may never have thought of – are being given to you. This is in-depth keyword research that tells you, for example, how popular a particular keyword phrase is. You can use this information to find popular blogs and websites to advertise on. Now it takes some time to dig through the sites that pop up. But, all you have to do is find 10 or 20 popular ones that accept advertising. for visit detials:-.make-your-ebook-sell…Then, check out their pricing to see if you can afford to advertise there and whammo – you’ve started your online ebook marketing campaign! Ebook Writers and Publishers: What to Look for Before Placing an Online Ad Rates for advertising online are all over the map. A site that has a few hundred visitors may be charging $75 for a one-month ad, while another that gets a few thousand visitors a day may charge $25 for a whole quarter (three months). It’s crazy as there seems to be no set standard. Many don’t refer to it as the world "wild" web for nothing. Before placing an ad, keep the following in mind. Niche: Only place ads that cater to your target market. If you write an ebook telling others how to make money writing, then appropriate sites to place ads on are work from home sites, freelance writing sites and job boards that cater to freelancers. Traffic: Get an idea of what a good amount of traffic is – for your niche. Some niches can be relatively small, so wouldn’t necessarily have the amount of traffic that other niches have. This brings up the last point, which is… Know Your Market: If you don’t know for example that a freelance writing site that gets 2-3,000 visitors a day is a pretty decently trafficked site, then you don’t know your niche. When you know your market, you’re able to judge such tangibles as what good traffic is, what a decent rate is, what a rip-off rate is, etc. Online marketing is the perfect, affordable venue for ebook publishers – if it’s done right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: