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[Dominica] Santo Domingo amorous feelings of     the streets of Santo Domingo, the Caribbean beauty, charming.     guard of the national pantheon of Dominica, Takashio Youngjun.     middle school students in Dominica, Meng Meng’s face.     primary school students in Dominica.       Dominica children, innocent and lively.     Columbo sailed to the island of Hispaniola in December 1492, is now the Republic of Dominica island. The Spanish arrived in Dominica on a Sunday, naming the country on a Spanish Sunday.     Columbo is said to have three generations lived in this building, 1510 by the son of Columbo, the private residence of the Spanish governor Diego built, now opened for the Columbo palace.     500 years later in March 1, 2016, I stopped flying from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, 4:30 in the afternoon arrived in Dominica, capital of Santo Domingo. The plane and the feeling with the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are not the same, is not developed. Each paid a $10 entry fee, into the long sought after Republic of Dominica.     the capital city of Santo Domingo, a black African majority of European city, still retains the Spanish style.     it is said that Dominica’s lobster is cheap and delicious.     Spain Square during the day.     Columbo House chamber, still retains the old luxury. It is because of the Columbo family’s extravagance, or for other reasons, Columbo’s not to be seen by the king of Spain, but not to return to the island of Hispaniola, died in 1506.       but after Columbo’s death, his body was returned to Dominica, which has been kept in the Cathedral of the Archbishop of Columbo in the park. The statue of Columbo stands in his creation of the first American city of Santo Domingo Columbo Park Square, the great admiral is still pointing to the distant sea.     Columbo Park, the Dominicans leisure square.     Dominica girls on the square.     the old white house is called Casa de Tosado, opposite Columbo shopping plaza.       a Dominica painter in the painting on the old house and the street, his girlfriend also concentrate on playing mobile phone.     this is the.相关的主题文章: