Dongyu Zhou came to Chongqing to see the boys exposed completely different vision of clonecd

Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Chongqing exposes the boys look completely different movie "in July and she" was released nationwide, the media and fans have given the annual "surprise", "2016 most girls understand movies" and "adaptation of IP new model of" high praise. 16 Derek Tsang, director of the film starring Dongyu Zhou and Yu Yu to promote the film for the sake of the film, and so on. As Derek Tsang’s first feature film, the evaluation given by his father, Eric Tsang is very good". Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun finished the film became a good friend, the two men to see the boys exposed completely different. There are not many people who know Derek Tsang may know him, and his father, Eric Tsang, is a household name. Last month Eric Tsang eat a small plane on the streets of Chongqing photographs have maxed out the circle of friends. Derek Tsang said that there is no time to talk to his father and the movie, dad gave the premiere evaluation is very good, is a good movie." Derek Tsang said that his father has always wanted him to shoot commercial films, I was aware that he was not a bit happy to make this film. As his first feature film, Derek Tsang said that the choice of female subjects and their growth experience, I grew up in a woman’s pile, I think the woman is very complex, the more complex the more interesting." Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun were called the "best actress" dedication to acting. Two people is not only a perfect interpretation of the characters, and even professionals at Dongyu Zhou sees "the aura of Xun Zhou young, and Ma Sichun" is undoubtedly the Golden Horse Award winner Karena Lam’s successor". The movie is based on Anne baby’s novel of the same name, tells the story of "July" and "quiet" two girls begin to know and love to kill the story from the age of 13. Someone kindly presented to users of a word of advice online, "don’t take bestie with my boyfriend to see" in July and she "!" Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun said that two people in life will not like the same man, because the eyes of the people are not the same as the two. When it comes to bestie, Dongyu Zhou said: "I have male and female bestie bestie, I think bestie don’t influence each other, is something the first time will appear in front of people. Have time to eat dinner, no time to do not disturb each other, and Ma Sichun and I are like this."相关的主题文章: