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Don’t do the most profitable way of managing money in 2016 2016 it turned out to be the domestic financial market is not quiet: A shares 4 trading days 2 days on fuse drama, uncle aunt morning queuing grab bonds, P2P platform over run away…… Including China’s economy, including the global economy are slightly depressed, the majority of investors are poor return on investment, how to invest will not become poor? Three year bond fell below 4%, down below the five year period of 4.2%. Under normal circumstances, the central bank to cut interest rates, bond yields will decline. Today, the central bank has not been more than half a year to cut interest rates regulation, Treasury yields showed the following trends: from an economic point of view, in 2016 China’s economy is relatively weak, the overall slowdown in GDP growth. Currently disclosed data show that China’s 11 provinces and cities did not complete the annual GDP target. It is precisely because the economy has entered a stable period of exploration, China will not be as large-scale investment as in the past, so the demand for funds is no longer so urgent. Investment in the market to reduce demand for funds, adequate supply of social capital, which makes the bond yields fell. The second is the policy guidance, the government hopes to reduce the cost of long-term investment, the low cost to absorb long-term investment into infrastructure and other fields, the formation of long-term capital, thus to promote the overall development of the economy, the Treasury yields will decline. Bank financial products revenue fell below the 4 spread of the golden age of bank financing is facing decline: on the one hand is the size of the financial slowdown; on the other hand is the continued decline in yields. Since 2016, the bank’s financial products as a whole, breaking 4 market continues to spread, and now is below the 3.7% mark. Then the financial products revenue decline will continue? From a macro point of view, the last quarter of China’s economic downward pressure is not reduced, this point can be seen from the previously published GDP data one or two. In this case, in order to stimulate economic development, the central bank will continue to implement loose monetary policy, so that the market funds remain abundant, so the market interest rates will continue downward. Therefore, in the long run, financial products revenue will continue to decline. The Internet treasure products revenue fell to 2 times the whole cargo base yields fell sharply, the current Internet financial products treasure 7 years of income rate has been reduced from 2% to 3%, some even below 1%, cargo base "Mami" to reduce income, make the Internet treasure products in the housing attractive discount. First, in November 2014 began to cut interest rates several times in recent years, easing monetary policy, resulting in a variety of financial products have been declining interest rates, the Internet baby has not been spared. Secondly, the Internet baby market tends to saturation, similar products too much, resulting in lower overall interest rates. Finally, it is now very few financial platform rely on baby propped up the table, even in the same platform, more and more financial channels, baby is just one of many platforms in the product. In addition to the IMF, Internet banking platform is trying to finance, insurance, financial management, index funds and other categories of products to attract investors. Melt 360 small summary concluded: Internet baby, although also due to the early market preemption and have a certain scale, but low income!相关的主题文章: