Europe and the United States to enter the market glory to open the way to upgrade the global flagshi

To enter the European market: the glory of globalization and upgrading of the road open flagship mobile phone – Sohu science and technology article one observation after the United States market, glory glory 8 European Conference held in August 24th in France, Paris Hotel Molitor, in one fell swoop landing including France, Britain, Germany and Italy in Europe, and into Europe and the two mature mobile phone market. President Zhao Ming in the 8 Paris glory glory conference: we have entered the global 74 countries and regions, the glory of birth less than three years of young Internet mobile phone brand, has experienced rapid expansion, early in 2016 after the mid tamp consolidation, opened a new round of global overseas expansion pace. It is noteworthy, and most of the domestic mobile phone brand in the emerging markets of India, Southeast Asia, the main low-end market price war strategy is different, this is the glory of the new flagship products, high-end European and American market pricing in-depth hinterland. What are the glory of confidence? China’s overseas expansion of smart phone brands usher in a new stage? Chinese mobile phone brand to expand overseas to avoid the "price war zone" from the beginning of 2015, with China intelligent mobile phone market penetration of more than 60%, the mature stock market "ceiling" effect previews, domestic mobile phone began large-scale expansion to the overseas market to seek new development space. As of the two quarter of 2016, almost all Chinese mobile phone brands have been rushed into the overseas market, including India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the market has become the first choice for overseas Chinese mobile phone companies. The reason for this is that patent litigation has become the biggest potential risk in overseas markets, especially for the protection of intellectual property rights and the harsh legislation in Europe and the United states. But even in the India market, the domestic mobile phone brands have begun to be sued by Ericsson and other mobile patent giants. Access to emerging market share through the low-end market price war, and pay high patent fees, is becoming a challenge for most domestic mobile phone brands overseas expansion. In fact, China’s smart phone shipments accounted for more than 50% of the world’s total, global shipments of the top 10 mobile phone companies have a total of 7 Chinese brands. At the completion of shipments of "primitive accumulation", Chinese brand mobile phone business in the expansion to overseas markets to avoid entering the "blind market share" in the process, low-cost access to market share means and not for a long time, and will delay to the global market and mature international brand transformation and upgrading of the valuable time window. The glory of new globalization and upgrading strategy in the U.S. market, Chinese mobile phone brands include Lenovo, ZTE (Moto) (ZTE) and TCL (Alcatel), in addition to Moto Lenovo is the acquisition of local brands in the United States, as "exotic" Chinese mobile phone brand mostly launched the entry-level products, priced at $199 or $99. There are few, the flagship product on the market. This began in the United States market is the glory of the glory of 8 more than a month before the release of the latest flagship product, has a new breakthrough in product design, quality and technology, but also the glory in China market is currently the highest degree of concern of the popular flagship mobile phone. Glory 8 priced at US $399.99 (about $2660).相关的主题文章: