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Exclusive inventory: during the national day you might miss the big news core tip: another eleven golden week in the past, in seven days, mainly in Nanjing, Wuhan and other domestic city have a big move for the skyrocketing prices of "cool"; the world, once a year the Nobel prize fresh baked, in four awards has announced, no accident has become a big winner in Europe and other individuals and organizations, and the Chinese national football team will no doubt once again become a loser, they lost to Xi’an in the "paradise" of "war in Syria", to the director of false tail adds a wall. The following is the Phoenix information for users to sort out the National Day Golden Week hot events.   hot city have introduced measures for the purchase of Beijing, Tianjin and other first-tier cities following the introduction of real estate regulation measures after the eleven period, major domestic popular city also have a big move to cool surging prices "". > > > Zhengzhou: the implementation of the purchase of 2 suites of the people of Zhengzhou to buy 180 square meters of housing under the ban > > > Ji’nan restriction! There are 3 suites of the family can not purchase > > > Hefei purchase new deal: the local people to purchase the minimum set of the minimum payment of 30% > > > Wuhan also purchased! The city accounts two suites Shoufu 50% > > > Suzhou restrictions: the minimum down payment of not less than 40% of the two suites of > > > Fuzhou property market regulation overweight start restriction to enhance Shoufu ratio > > > Guangdong Foshan part of the implementation of the purchase of the first payment to 3 > > > Xiamen purchase upgrades: first fangshoufu 3 foreign household purchase threshold of this series of the city in a short period of time to improve, have released the new deal, are ye? > > > just 5 days! 16 cities in the Ministry of housing are all limited purchase of > > > more than the city introduced the release of the night the purchase of what signal? > > > 19 cities have regulated the property market which cities will join? Housing prices will drop it? Africa’s first Chinese standard of electrified railway traffic by Chinese multinational enterprises with the full set of China standards and China construction equipment in Africa the first modern electrified railway – Ethiopia capital Addisababa to Djibouti (capital of Djibouti railway and railway) will be officially opened on the 5 day. The railway and a total length of 752.7 km, the design speed of 120 km, a total of 45 distribution stations, a total investment of about $4 billion, by China iron and China railway construction organization construction. > > > Africa’s first Chinese standard multinational electrified railway will be opened to traffic > > > a full set of Chinese standards! Onlookers of Africa’s first modern electric railway (Figure) > > > the "news broadcast" headlines of African Railways, how important is it? Guterres will serve as the next UN Secretary General 6, the UN Security Council on the nomination of candidates for the next secretary general held a closed door meeting, unanimously adopted a resolution to the United Nations General assembly!相关的主题文章: