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Salpingitis can natural pregnancy – Sohu maternal sisters, I was from the end of March showed bilateral contrast through the poor, the doctor advised either to do is Gulou laparoscopy, then the tube, or see cupai! I finally on the recommendation of the colleague down to eat traditional Chinese medicine doctor Xu Jing Sheng, Xu doctor for treatment of fallopian tube is very confident, try it with the idea of eating 85, during the more than and 10 days I have a lazy not to take the medicine, it can be finished around July 90, because I dragged onto the medicine in August after the 15 or so, August I ovulation normal intercourse, with David ovulation test No. 8.11 at 7 in the evening paper No. 8.12 will show positive estimates of strong positive, so the 8.11 evening a night, 8.12 is still weaker than the test paper display 8.11, a weak point, I think it must be the day ovulation, and arrange a night, then no test paper, every day added once this month ovulation and arrange for the three time, actually, could not believe, should be in the 8.12 day! I have been married for 2 years, prepare pregnant, has not been pregnant, this is the first time I see your parallel bars, parallel bars is measured at number 8.22, just Monday morning just test, with no mind, the results really see gold Xiuer shallow watermark, I simply don’t believe yourself the eyes quickly took to see her husband, he pretended to be calm and said, did not see ah, I let him look carefully, he saw me, two happy hold together, he said to calm me, such as blood determined to happy, I know he is happy, I was just afraid of excitement after fraud Hu after the disappointment, so I understand him! 8.24 to blood, and the value can be! Because I am older, so I go to No. 8.26 Xu doctor miscarriage, the doctor let me see blood double, double well, but the doctor said that my 22 progesterone is not high, and estrogen is not high, now I need to take medicine, in the ease of miscarriage! I hope the baby can be healthy by check, progesterone can meet the standard, all values are good, Avalokiteshvara bless my infinite compassion and mercy health good intrauterine pregnancy, fetal heart rate shoots, baby healthy full-term birth! Bless! Pray for the baby every day! In this paper, sorting from the "crazy made app user -Hyjl520 Ling, all peeroriginator. More people made up posture, four scientific method (ovulation test" menstrual cycle calculation "," basic temperature reckoning "pictures", "ovulation test, ultrasonic discharge), tube baby, expert Q & a service well, happy pregnancy, pregnancy blessing, community, etc. remember to download content making crazy app ~ ~ oh相关的主题文章: