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Female college students were called blind man attempted rape and refused to admit to meet for the first time, Alexander girl claiming to be a 30 year old man attempted rape. After verification, the night of the incident will drive to Huashan with the man girl in a village, then the cuddle, cover the mouth, the girl after the break away…… 28, the injured girl remained in hospital: neck trauma, atlantoaxial subluxation, pharyngeal congestion. Zhang Xin in the hospital with a neck guard cover: Alexander tells a girl called blind date was attempted rape 28, Shandong University (scores, professional settings) student Zhang Xin (a pseudonym) the teacher to find a lawyer, to discuss the problem of Zhang Xin’s lawsuit. In the evening of September 18th when she was blind, almost blind date rape." Zhang Xin’s teacher. It has been 10 days since the incident, Zhang Xin has been hospitalized because of injuries, the police have not yet made a decision to deal with. Zhang Xin’s teacher decided to come forward for the students to hire a lawyer to ask the police station to initiate an investigation, or to the court to prosecute suspects. Zhang Xin’s teacher told reporters relayed the incident: on the evening of 18 9:00, Zhang Xin and the man together and introducer left the hotel, this is the first meeting with Zhang Xin. Subsequently, the man did not stop to send Zhang Xin home, but directly drove away in Huashan Street office Zhu Village home. The teacher said, Zhang Xin was forced to get off after the man pulled into the house, and then take a strong off clothes, neck, pinch neck, cover mouth and a series of behavior, resulting in the neck of the injured Zhang Xin. Zhang Xin after the break, the wilderness alone ran to hide. Subsequently, Zhang Xin’s friend alarm, the police found her. The night of the incident, Zhang Xin was taken to hospital, the man was taken away by the police inquiry. Zhang Xin’s injury: Girl hospitalized atlantoaxial subluxation, pharyngeal congestion in 28 at noon, in the ward of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University, Zhang Xin curled up in bed, wearing a neck neck protection cover. At the age of 24, her voice is very small, so he could not help but shed tears when…… Zhang Xin’s medical records show the diagnostic results are: neck trauma, atlantoaxial subluxation; pharynx. Currently, Zhang Xin has spent more than 5600 yuan admission treatment, and then treated for two or three days can be discharged. "The first treatment is the man initiative to advance, he urged to pay second fee." Zhang Xin said. For the description of the teacher, Zhang Xin said the recognition. She added that night, eating places in Daming Lake nearby, I live in Huayuan Road, the man drove the way down, but carrying her way north through the Fuk overpass, until Huashan Zhu Village street office. "I repeatedly asked to get off, he will lock the door, say things down and take me home." Reporters saw from Zhang Xin’s mobile phone, the 22:13 had to send references "Chen Jie, see WeChat" and "save me", also sent five or six position. 22:27 the same day, Zhang Xin and students in WeChat has issued a "save me" "save me" information. The same day 23:41, Zhang Xin sent a message to the students said, can not run out of rape." Zhang Xin said, do not want the man to have any compensation, just want to be able to bring to justice. Fang Fang Fang相关的主题文章: