Finally, the defenders who — — he all Beijing’s Hutong pace with the measurement-kimi wo omou melodi

Finally, the defenders who he pace with the "measurement" all Beijing’s Hutong [Abstract] Shu said, he is the most beautiful memory of Beijing, is 10 years old to climb the wall to see the point: Nancheng, Beihai Baita xiannongtan hall, the discernible bow is slowly flowing moat…… The day before, "the most beautiful nostalgia – story" old Beijing couplet of a book published, revealing the hidden precious family traditions and traditional culture in the quaint rustic couplet couplet alley deep, provoked a lot of Beijing people’s "nostalgia", this is the author of the book "30 years Shu crystal Mr. Hu Tong the cause of". Mr. Shu’s life, it seems, was the year he retired in 1987, when he was 56 years old. In order to commemorate the "new", he even used to own a lifetime to name Shu Shizhong Shu, meaning "retirement but concern unfulfilled". Since he thinks "mediocre" before the half break into worthwhile "little things". This small thing he is doing for nearly 30 years, he was all of Beijing’s Hutong pace with the "measurement", draw a detailed map of the city of Beijing Hutong, various textual allusions and anecdotes of Beijing Hutong, door, behind the house. Thirty years as one day, diligently, because he can’t forget Beijing’s most beautiful appearance, he will pass down the memory of Beijing, people called him "the last person in Beijing city." 1 A Mo Xiangchang comfort life came to the 86 year old Mr. Shu was interviewed, he can only sit on the bed, on the pillow, and I speak slowly. Be afflicted with cancer for two years, once healthy and cheerful, elegant demeanor, self styled "runner" the old gentleman is now thinned to the bone. Has been unable to get out of bed for a long time, but Mr. Li is very happy to chat with visitors, talking about his love of the alley, talking about his new book published, the eyes of the old man with the excitement of the light. I brought the book holding his hand for a long time, stroking exudes ink pages, read slowly, or evaluate the sentence: "this piece of Hutong photos seem too red, not what I remember." He used to travel through all the hutongs in Beijing, and perhaps none of the pictures or drawings could reproduce the beauty of his mind. The old man did not conceal his illness, even talking about not long ago a "hardly wished to live." experience. It was after the surgery, the son took him back in the apple orchard of new homes for family care. The new home is spacious and clean, the environment is much better than the old residential building where he had no elevator, but he was increasingly depressed, or even thought of death". The pain did not put the old man down, what makes him so downhearted? The old man is in his old home "baby" Acacia into disease. "Hundreds of thousands of books, numerous copy of the alley, alley thousands of pictures down for decades and 30 large hand-painted Hu that I Tongtu, life can not be separated." He is sad, fighting for life after the "alley business" is not finished, he has even the strength to take up the pen almost No. The unfinished wish to become the greatest power, supporting the elderly and fight the disease today, "the most beautiful nostalgia – story" old Beijing couplet in a book published by Yanshan press, his other)相关的主题文章: