Folklore on Stamps Liang Shanbo and Zhu

The stamp of Folklore — Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" is one of the third were moved four folk legends in China stamps, China’s postal department in October 18, 2003 issued a "folk legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" a set of special stamps, a full set of a total of 5, also issued a small Zhang version. This set of stamps was shown by each butterfly in the main plot, Zhejiang Shaoxing opera version based quote. The designer uses the method of commonly used structure New Year paintings ray Tu, shape from the Ming Dynasty opera style, and woodcut illustrations of the modeling language, the color is as far as possible and gorgeous antique integration, props and costumes are deliberately vague historical background, composition, phase should weaken realistic ingredients, add some color legend. Caoqiao sworn is a description of Zhu Yingtai and Liang in Caoqiao Pavilion burn incense in the dust, yijiejinlan story. ZHUJIAZHUANG wish Zhu Yingtai, female members of the talented and motivated to. One day, she is in the window, saw a scholar from the road, suddenly to Qian Tang thought study initiation. She disguised herself as a man dressed as a divination cheat father sir. His father saw her eager to study, had to reluctantly answer. In a sunny spring, Zhu Yingtai disguises herself as a man, the maid galactocentric accompanied by a journey. When passers-by scholar Liang, the two hit it off, then the grass bridge mutually address each other as brothers, the pavilion burn incense in the dust, yijiejinlan. Three students described Liang Shanbo and her classmates together for three years, but did not know the story of the daughter of the body of the story of Zhu Yingtai Zhu Yingtai. Three years of studying Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai classmate, two ocean, together with the food, without a moment of separation, no matter not cooperation. Liang Shanbo is clever, but could not escape the silly book with Zhu Yingtai, tight guard, blarney cover, so the classmate of three years, Liang Shanbo Zhu Yingtai for her daughter to know. The eighteen phase is a description of Zhu Yingtai because his father urged to go home, and in the eighteen butterfly were reluctant to part in both hands on the way the story. Three years old, pronto, the landlord urged women to go home. Zhu Yingtai had to go home, before leaving, Zhu Yingtai talk to his wife, his wife please oblige. The butterfly lovers break up, two people reluctant to part: in the eighteen miles on the way, Zhu Yingtai continue to use the "green lotus leaf Qingshuitang, geese (Mandarin) pairs and pairs", "you and I like the crossing bridge" by supporting, that love. Liang Liang honest simplicity, has always been puzzled. Zhu Yingtai is helpless, appearance and has been that the nine sister resembles, wish for love for the media. He will answer. Don’t hurt the tower is the description of the butterfly that Zhu Yingtai is the daughter of the body to wish to marry him, two people meet with loutai story. Liang Shanbo learned that Zhu Yingtai is a woman from her true feelings, overjoyed, immediately start to wish to marry him. But I wish the staff has promised to the mayor’s son Ma Wencai Zhu Yingtai. Butterfly tower meet, Zhu Yingtai smile, two people tell each other endless lovesickness. Two people recall the school has been sworn, the drafting of bridge of good times and eighteen with lingering affection, to now have not married lover, happy marriage two apart, really hate rouchangcunduan unlimited s相关的主题文章: