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For a time the [] – tourism Sohu did not expect to return to Dali, because this is the new Audi Q7 # quest # first trip to Yunnan: Tengchong – Dali – Kunming. All the way, exile between the sky. Looking for Tengchong ginkgo autumn, go to Dali to watch the Erhai time, miss those years a vibrant green. So the time for a car to make the journey for mortar, a mellow. Continue to travel, look at the scenery elsewhere, send their grievances; listen to the story of others, or their cattle; the heavy discharge in the blowing breeze…… traveling to Tengchong. The mountain, ginkgo village, see the ginkgo tree. Indeed, here is " the village in the forest, forest in the village of ". This is light years old in ginkgo tree is more than line years were: years were years were years of plant, there are a lot of cultivating seedlings of Ginkgo biloba. Although it was a little early, most of the leaves were yellow and green. But there are a few yellow leaves falling behind the house, let the village have some autumn and simplicity, still let people love, no wonder some people say that the quiet autumn here just like heaven. Under the tree lady, fried ginkgo fruit, hang the corn, come swaggeringly through the goose…… This is Tengchong ginkgo village. Although not seen: Montreal fanhuang ginkgo leaves, suddenly startled world successful, so gorgeous autumn. But keep looking forward to the next time. As the new Audi Q7 into the boundless mind world, to continue the next journey, to explore the most beautiful place. On this road, there is a high speed. Often driving friends know, high-speed long time driving fatigue, so in this period of high-speed driving, I used a new Audi Q7 driver assistance system. The active lane keeping system is used to help the vehicle to move forward on the established route, and the lane changing auxiliary and steering assistance can effectively help the vehicle to change lanes or turn around in the running process. The more open the door warning system to open the door carefully behind the hit probability of pedestrian or bicycle to the lowest; with the use of side assist with Audi integrated security system through the pre rear version, alarm, potential danger to remind the driver when reversing the rear. If it is a congested road in the city, the auxiliary function of the adaptive cruise system can alleviate the pain of slow driving on the road. "It is not for life is not satisfied, haven’t laughed and I do not know why, since it is not happy and not love here, as a way to the west to Dali, walk a little twists and turns the air a bit thinner, more vast scenery……" Singing in the song, I live in this way. Life in the city is easy and dull, or depressing and depressing…… In the face of high rises every day, heavy traffic crowded city, repeated life empty lively, let me feel numb and tired. In the reinforced concrete cage for a long time, deep inside there is a passion and impulse need to release. Like many years ago when I came to Dali, I was still a young man with a dream. Listen to the guitar with friends,.相关的主题文章: