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Foreign media: JoliePitt announced their divorce on children as the main cause of differences – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency quoted U.S. media reports, the famous actress Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) has petitioned Brad Pitt and actor husband divorce, according to the fuse is that children in conflict. According to reports, Angelina Julie is put forward legal documents in yesterday, with two people are unable to resolve differences on the grounds for divorce. She asked for custody of 6 children, and asked the judge to give Brad Pete visitation. The report quoted the United States news website TMZ reported that Angelina Jolie, Julie asked to obtain custody of 6 children, and asked the judge to give Brad Pete visitation. It’s important because she doesn’t want Brad to get custody of the common life and get a joint legal custody. Related persons of the couple told TMZ, Angelina Julie decided to file for divorce, and Brad Peter on parenting practices, she was extremely dissatisfied with his way. According to TMZ reports, it is reported that Angelina Julie wanted to break up purely to interaction between Brad Pitt and her child, and there is no "third". Angelina Jolie has not asked for alimony, and the date of her divorce is in September 15th this year, Julie. The two love began in 2004, when they co starred in a movie "Mrs Smith" sparked, when Brad Pitt and actress Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) and long-distance love marriage, 10 years after the marriage in August 2014. The last two appearances were in July, when they took their twins to West Hollywood for their birthday. Angelina Julie had an adopted son from Kenya, and later in Ethiopia to adopt a daughter, two people in 2006 and gave birth to a daughter. The following year in Vietnam to adopt a boy, then gave birth to twins in 2008. They announced their engagement in 2012 2014, they brought 6 children in France Milafaer Manor (Chateau Miraval). After the media repeatedly reported two people love to change the news, but they have to get rid of rumors, this is finally determined to break up. According to Taiwan’s China Times reported that two people in divorce, the woman has filed for divorce, clarification is not third party intervention, but the two sides of the child rearing ideas exist cannot eliminate differences". Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie couple was celebrating the "Cotton wedding anniversary" in the last month (2 anniversary), is on the outside world through numerous wind and rain Jintongyunv praise, results in less than 1 months, 2 people was shocked by the news of divorce, according to the understanding of Angelina Julie divorce conditions is required for all children separate custody. According to reports, there are a lot of real estate and the name of the two winery, premarital agreement, if two people take their divorce property before marriage, after marriage money Zejun divided into 6 parts, the establishment of a trust fund for children.相关的主题文章: