From University of Sydney to farmers market acbel

From the University of Sydney to the farmers market because in the end of the month I will to study in Sydney, so the family support, the secondary school has come to see the price. Have to say that the price is very expensive. Feel almost the same as in the uk. This is a small park outside the University of Sydney. In fact, I always feel that this is part of the University, but not around! University of Sydney lawn, a lay up, very beautiful, the castle style feeling, let us for a moment that came to England. Meet the morning run of the students, stop to rest, it looked very tired, it seems that the amount of exercise is not small. The temperature in Sydney is obviously lower than that in Gold Coast, and the wind is still very cold. Better to bask in the sun, to drive away the cold. The small guy climbed on me, okay, let’s let you rest. Sitting in a chair can also be warm. Like this time, there seems to be no class, is it because of the mid autumn festival! Encounter a logo, also do not seize the opportunity, perhaps a small Kun grow up will come. Whether or not the students, we should not be too much bother. Walking on the outside, such a beautiful campus, must be full of all kinds of stories. Just enjoy the time here! Study abroad is not easy, most students need to work. Completely rely on the home is also a lot of pressure, just look at this price will know, follow us close to the farmers market to see it! China faces a lot of the price is not low, but a lot of friends said that this is for the soil Australia, it is acceptable. The price is marked by the Australian dollar, multiplied by the price of the yuan, even so, their cooking is lower than the outside price. Found no, these dishes are relatively clean, potatoes feel light. There are relatively clean domestic processing, but the price will be expensive. Look at the price of fruit. Well, all right! It seems difficult to study abroad, students want to study refueling! Asked a foreign student, the hotel man 120 Australian dollars a day, tube of two meals. Want to come is also possible, at least some of the living expenses can be deducted!相关的主题文章: