Gao Bojin 10.8 weeks, silver oil Friday’s payrolls upset, shortly after the crude oil will be a stro

Gao Bojin: 10.8 weeks, silver oil Friday’s payrolls upset, shortly after the crude oil will be a strong rebound? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! New layout, new challenges! I used to say that a person who has no plans will win the lottery. The real impact of trading profits, is your own, and nothing to do with luck. Because of ignorance, so no fear. Always remember, when you make the market homeopathy, contrarian, your education market. The worst deal was slow, smart people are happy to deal with, stupid people, complain also have to continue trading, have list of friends can detail, recently I will layout a single midline position to arrange appropriate, interested friends do not miss! Friday (October 7th) in September U.S. payrolls data on performance of the market is expected, to dispel the market for the fed in November is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar index fell therefore weaken, but the data is still robust support in December this year the fed to raise interest rates. Recently, OPEC plans to cut crude oil, to promote the market gradually dissipated, the market should see more practical action taken by OPEC, at the weekend Turkey oil producer in Istanbul before the opening of the general assembly, oil prices since a week highs adjusted 1[%]. Crude oil market we may now have some do not understand the high idealism: 2363704050, Penguin Birkin describe, although the data slightly bullish last night, but was in the market after the data came out and not much fluctuation, again with all non-agricultural opened a big joke. Review of the market this week, in general, this week’s market in the hands of the master, all the way up, the continuation of last week’s OPEC agreement reached a frozen production trend. Crude oil prices this week, no doubt the rally. The lowest point of $48, the highest reached $50.74 on Friday, a week’s rally is slow, but overall reached $3 or so. In the field of crude oil investment, we hear the most is that the trend is king. Crude oil after decades of development has become a mature futures market, at the same time because of the particularity of the original so he received many messages, so the crude oil became a financial product of a news impact than market regulation. This week crude oil by freezing effect, the overall trend is a steady rise, bullish trend, so this week you can gain more bold. On Friday, crude oil is a typical process of taking, the highest crude oil from $50.74 down to a minimum of $49.40, finally closed at $49.55. Birkin is the market this week, frozen bull power production has come to an end, the price of oil has reached the peak of uplift. On the market, the recent frenzied rise in crude oil after long kinetic energy consumption will usher in a wave of decline. The market is like spring, last week made efforts to freeze only so strong, the ability of crude oil prices rising, on the compression of the spring only now this limit, when frozen production effects disappeared after rebound when spring is. A brief discussion on the guidance of Gao Jin to a penguin相关的主题文章: